adresówki dla psów MjavHov
Dzięki naszej adresówce Twój pupil trafi do domu!
adresówki dla psów MjavHov


It did arrive today. Great. Love it. Kind regards Dagmar
Amor di Schnauzer X Semper In Altum, aka Altum Standard salt and pepper Schnauzer, 12 years old
Very pleased looks great customer service good too
shiba-red-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
I’ve ordered multiple tags and everyone have come out perfect and clear . The engraving doesn’t were off, and the paint doesn’t chip.
basset-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Item came faster then shipping date high quality name tag love it !!
german wirehaired pointer us2.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Gorgeous! I think he likes it. He seems to clink it against his bowl when drinking, in some sort of celebration. Exactly as pictured. Inscription was perfect. Thank you much.
Vaia 4 mois
Race : Eurasier
Superbe médaille merci !
Thank you. It arrived safely last week. Xx
Merci pour cette belle médaille. Cordialement,
cavalier-king-charles-spaniel-blenheim-usa.jpgStany Zjednoczone
The ID tag matches my pup perfectly.
Superbe médaille ! Arrivée gravée rapidement.
Beaucoup trop beau. Super boutique je recommande 5/5
Hallo, bewerten kann Ich leider erst an 26.03.24. Sehr schöne Marke. Dankeschön. Und ein Foto von meinem Rudi mit Marke.
Viele Grüße aus Erfurt
Melanie F:dev
chow-chow-cream-en.jpgWielka Brytania
chow-chow-red-en.jpgWielka Brytania
chow-chow-black-en.jpgWielka Brytania
Thank you so much for the great order
Die Marke ist richtig schön
looking forward to getting a new nametag for my dog thank you
Here is a picture of my beautiful papillon with his new tag.
Marken sind angekommen - vielen Dank :-) Foto anbei von Emma und Fine - leider kann man bei dem Fell die Marken nicht sehen :-))
griffon au2.jpgAustralia
Thank you! It’s so cute!!!
pincher fr1.jpgFrancja
c’est tres utile et identique que la photo j’adore !
Please find the pictures othe dogs with their medal. Have a nice new year 2024.
Merci pour ce beau médaillon!
HI, Just received It!! Thank you, very nice!!
MERCI, many thanks
Ya ha llegado la placa y está todo bien ahora, con los datos y números correctos. Muchas gracias por tu ayuda. Por otro lado, te envío una foto de mi perro con su placa.
Lepo pozdravljeni,
malo z zamudo, a vseeno. Hvala za obesek, super je!
To pa je naša Vili (Viljamovka), francoski buldog, stara 9 let in pol. Navihana in super aktivna!
Uspešno delo in vse dobro,
border collie au.jpgAustralia
Dear Maja
Thank you very much for the Border Collie pet tag. Here are a couple of photos of my dog Ivy showing off her new tag.
Kind regards
eurazier ram dam fr.jpgFrancja
Voici des photos de Ram-Dam
samojede au.jpgAustralia
doberman cropped uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Thank you so much, received today
Hi !! This is my dog Siska, she’s almost 2 years old and she looks amazing with her new medal !!
Thank you very much !!
Hi There! Thank you so much for the lovely dog tag. Its Duplo, in his summer groom:)
Hi, Here are a couple of photos of my boys and their tags. They had a hard day and are sleeping
Der Anhänger ist heute angekommen. Das ging ja sehr schnell. Er ist wunderschön. Paula und wir bedanken uns ganz herzlich.
He recibido el pedido. Maravilloso como siempre Muchas gracias!
Great tag! Will be ordering more for my other dogs!
Dogtag with dog
australian-shepherd-tricolor-usl.jpgStany Zjednoczone
The tag arrived a day earlier than expected, and it is beautiful! Here's my sweet Zola in her new finery.
toy poodle tw.jpgTaiwan
Thank u! Two of my babes luv it
golden retriever tw2.jpgTaiwan
english-setter-midge-uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Thank you for the beautiful tag you made for my Dog Midge.
french-bulldog-mooshie-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Looks great on Mooshie's collar! Thank you!
schnauzer-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
I’m so happy with these dog tags that I repurchased the same tag after losing the first one at the vet. The first tag was more than a year old, and it still looked brand new! You can tell they are made of high-quality materials; I love them!
Dear Maja, we got the pet tag. Thank you very much. Claudia
It came and it’s great! Thanks so much. I can’t write a review yet because Etsy doesn’t think it arrives for a week but here are some photos.
german-wirehaired-tag-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Love this tag! Great quality and easy to read. We got this tag in honor of our dog who died this spring. He was our other dogs brother from another mother. It is a wonderful way to keep his memory
Bonjour je vous envoie une photo de la médaille que vous avez gravé et qui était pour mon petit chien, merci beaucoup et bonne journée
Lep pozdrav od Lili...
Sake (10 weeks) is very happy with his new dog tag! I’ll try and leave a review when I’m able to or when he’s bit older. Thanks a lot!
wunderschön und gefällt dem Hund. Die schönste Hundemarke und alle Informationen passen drauf
wunderschön und gefällt dem Hund. Die schönste Hundemarke und alle Informationen passen drauf
Pozdravljeni, malo pozno vam pošiljam... Fotografije Ruja z obeskom so v priponki. Lep pozdrav
Hello, we received the tags, they are perfect. Thanks. Some pics with them.
Einfach wunderschön, wir haben jetzt schon 4 Stück, für jedes Halsband & Geschirr
bichon frise ua.jpgUkraina
Hi! My dog with your tag.
Thank you.
Good day.
chihuahua br il.jpgIzrael
Ive got it today and it looks great!!
Thanks so much!
Ive send a picture in Facebook messenger so you can post ( I'll try to take a better one after)
bearded collie uk.jpgWielka Brytania
schnauzer black us2.jpgStany Zjednoczone
russian blue black ua.jpgFrancja
siberian husky red ua.jpgFrancja
Hi! Thank you a lot for the tags. Please find the photos in the attachments.
Have a nice day!
Best regards,
jack russel terrier us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Hello. I received the dog tag today. Adorable. Here is the picture I promised you
husky grey it.jpgWłochy
west-highland-white-terrier-uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Beautiful Westie dog tag. Thank you so much
thank you
english-bulldog-miggy-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Love the tags!
siberian-husky-black daemon.jpgNiemcy
Passt perfekt zu unserem Husky Daemon. Tolle Idee, gute Qualität, sehr schnelle Lieferunf trotz individueller Beschriftung. Freu mich jedesmal, wenn ich es sehe.
akita inu white hu.jpgWęgry
Thank you from Hungary
Hi !
We really liked your article. You are very serious and we appreciated your messages. Here's a picture of Yogi with his tag. Have a nice week-end and thank you soooo much!
I received the nametag today.
Picture hereby. You'll notice that the dog has only 3 legs... but she stands her ground with the three other 4-legged shar peis...
siberian-husky-black de.jpgNiemcy
Sehr schöne Hundemarke, passt perfekt. Gar nicht so einfach Daemon zu fotografieren. Vielen Dank.
Liebe Grüße Kirsten
Danke für die schnelle Lieferung! Sehr schöner Anhänger!
schnauzers-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Love, Love, Love the schnauzer dog tags! Quality and design is exceptional! More than satisfied and so are Twizil and Teddy!
The 'schnauzer tags' for Twizil and Teddy are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! Exceptional quality and design and production/shipping was much faster than I thought it would be. Well worth the time to get them! Thank you so much :)))
Bonjour,Médaille bien reçue, tres jolieMerci une photo comme promis
wolfspitz keeshond uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Hello, And happy New Year! Thanks a lot for the tag! It looks absolutely great see our photos attached! Thanks Daria
wolfdog flasheart uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Her tag arrived today. She wasnt cooperating for a photo so this was the best i could get. Shes half Northern Inuit and half low content wolfdog (her wolf content is 18.9%) and she's part of the outcross breeding program to improve the gene pool.
It is the second time I bought it and I am always in love! Thank you so much for such good quality of the article and seeding.
doberman cropped us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
J'ai bien reçu les médaillons pour le chien voila la photo salutations Alexia
Viele Dank und wie ihr seht, sieht der Anhänger toll aus ??
Viele Grüße Monika
Hey! Just got the parcel, i absolutely love it!! Will send you some proper pictures in the next days! Thank you!
pošiljam fotografijo črnodlakice Ine, ki ji obesek tačk prav lepo pristaja, kajne?
Lep pozdrav od Alenke in Ine
greater-suisse-mountain-dog-boubou-tomkins uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Good afternoon
We have just received the tag, it’s lovely (as was our first one!)
A picture of our dog wearing it
Kind regards
Thanks for everything. They look fabolous with their new medals. Here two pics for you. Thanks for everything! Best regards
Wir haben heute die beiden Tervuerenanhänger bekommen. Sie sind wunderschön.
Anbei ein Foto.
Viele Grüße Monika
Naš Archie z novim obeskom
sheltie-bw.jpgWielka Brytania
Hi thank you so much for Ravens dog tag it’s absolutely beautiful I will be ordering again I love them think all my dogs need one of these. I will leave you good feedback thank you so much for prompt quick delivery & well packed regards Rebecca xx I
kooikerhondje-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Great quality, fast shipping. Thank you again
Good quality item! Highly recommended to anyone who loves dog keychains
papillon-wb-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
High quality tag! It’s perfect for our little papillon… It is exactly as described and I highly recommend it.
dobermann-uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Hi here is my lad Teilo wearing his tag I love it
Ik krijg geen betere foto voor elkaar. Ze is nog zo beweeglijk, puppy van 8 wk
tervueren fr.jpgFrancja
C'est la deuxieme médaille qu'on achete, elle est tres jolie ! Tellement jolie que le frere de notre chiot porte la meme
great-dane-harlequin.jpgStany Zjednoczone
My Great Dane loves her beautiful tag! Thank you!
We got our tag yesterday! Thanks so much
Jimmy: "Pa čist hud obesek imam. Hov hov."
french-bulldog-br-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
High quality tags, all my dogs have one. Engraving is super easy to read! Love these tags, will be buying more!
petit brabancon ca1.jpgKanada
Love it thank you! Had other Brussels Griffons parents order them too!
Comme demandé je vous envoie les photos de mon chien avec sa superbe médaille.
jack russel ch2.jpgSzwajcaria
jack russel ch1.jpgSzwajcaria
Thank you so much, we love the tag. We’ve got the tag a while ago but have no chance to take a photo of it. Here I’ve sent you some photos.
Thank you again. Have a lovely day!!
Kind regards,
Sirin S.
Hallo vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung. Ich habe versucht ein paar schöne Bilder von dem Hund und der Marke zu machen, das ist aber leider nicht so einfach bei dem schwarzen Hund und der schwarzen Marke. Ich sende ihnen schon mal 2 vll. gefällt ihnen von den Fotos schon eins. Ansonsten versuche ich es weiter
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
airedale fr.jpgFrancja
Isn’t she cute ?
I’ll put the picture on the website !
Thank you!
yorkie us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
The photo speaks for itself… adorable!!
schnauzers uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Hi Maya, thank you very much for my tags which arrived yesterday, they are perfect. As requested, here are some pics of them being proudly worn by my pups.
Best regards
dackel longhaired us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Beautiful, looks just like her… Fast shipping!
lagotto romagnolo ljowa.jpgAustria
Hallo liebe Maja!!! Viellen lieben Dank! Die Hundemarke ist wunderschön! Unser Rüde Ljowa ist 4 Monate alt und trägt es mit vergnügen!
Liebe Grüsse aus Koroška
rottweiler ralph uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Here's a pic with Ralph and his gorgeous tag!
havanese bw zaya ch.jpgSzwajcaria
Hello , thanks for the beautiful bichon havanese medal for Zaya .. arrived safe in Switzerland. We love it merci beaucoup Zaya adore sa médaille c’est super top
chin papillon de.jpgNiemcy
Vielen Vielen Dank! Der Versand ging so schnell und die Anhänger sehen fantastisch aus! Leider habe ich weder Facebook noch Instagram. Ich schicke Ihnen hier zwei Bilder, die sie gerne benutzen dürfen. Nochmal Vielen Vielen Dank!!!
sighthound brown ie.jpgIrlandia
Great product!
american akita bk ca.jpgKanada
Very cute
irish setter sommer de.jpgNiemcy
Vielen Dank für den tollen Anhänger, er kam gestern!
white shepherd nl.jpgHolandia
Thank you so much for the pet tag. It really suits our Shiro! He loves it so much he even posed for a picture! I'll be sure to tell other local dog lovers about your tags! Kind regards, Marc and a paw from Shiro!
sighthound bw ca.jpgKanada
fox-terrier-uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Super dog tag, very good quality.
verything was perfect: quick delivery and beautiful address tag, the conversation with the seller was also very nice. I’m very satisfied and can highly recommend this shop.
This is a really cute dog tag. It looks exactly like my Norwich Terrier. The shipping time was exceptionally speedy considering it was coming from overseas. The dog tag is sturdy (not a thin flimsy piece of metal you normally see in pet stores). It is artistically detailed, and the information on the reverse side was engraved accurately. I would definitely buy from this vendor again.
We are very happy with the tag for our dog Moi. Please find attached a photo of Moi with the tag. Kind regard, Henrietta
Looks great!
Thank you so much for the beautiful pet tag. We are in love with it. Our puppy Skylar likes it also! He is 4 months old now.
Kind regards, Skylar and Gaby
bernese-samoyede-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
We get so many compliments on the dog tags AND I tell everyone where to buy them as well. THANK YOU AGAIN
Guten Tag
Die Hundemarke ist schon da, hätte gar nicht erwartet, dass es so schnell geliefert wird. Vielen Dank! Anbei das Foto, wir sind sehr zufrieden. Die positive Bewertung kommt auch noch!
irish-setter-bubby-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Thanks so much! We love our new setter tag! Ginger is a beauty and Bubby sends a shy hello from Los Angeles
Hahaha - angekommen
basenji-red-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
The first one we ordered.
Merci beaucoup GUYOMARD
Thank you
we received the tag today, it is really nice
german-shepherd-black-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Came out perfect! Thank you so much
Our newest family member Griff finally sat still long enough for me to snap a couple of photos of him sporting his new ID tag. I will try and get some of Lily soon.
This is Swell. My baby girl
This is the only dog tag I found for my rare dog breed and I'm not disappointed ! Very cute, well made and fast shipping. Gets dirty easily but very easy to wash. Thank you
Ecco la foto di Rusty con la vostra medaglietta
sighthound brown us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Here is a picture of Rue with her tag I ordered in December!
samoyede ie.jpgIrlandia
beautiful tag--super fast international shipping--ultra professional service all round!
many thanks, michael
french bulldog bw es.jpgHiszpania
aparte de que el pedido me tardo demasiado pero por culpa mía todo excelente el servicio y la atención del vendedor
akita inu gray fr.jpgFrancja
bearded collie au.jpgAustralia
husky-bwus.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Thank you so much ! The pendant just arrived. It looks amazing!
english-setter-bwgb.jpgWielka Brytania
Love this setter dog tag, perfect
papillon-bw-uk.jpgWielka Brytania
The new tags arrived today and I’m really pleased with them.
papillon-wb-uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Hello ! Here's my dog wearing proudly your ID tags. I'm also really happy of the rendering. Thanks for this product! From Canada with love!
saluki-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Much more than a tag, but high quality jewelry for my Saluki. Came fast and shop owner is super nice. Highly recommended! Thank you.
Najlepša hvala za tablico, smo zelo zadovolni. V prilogi vam pošiljam sliko.
Dziękujemy za piękna adresówkę dla Lady
bedlington-terrier-uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Thank you Skye wearing her new tag.
schnauzer-ps-hk.jpgHong Kong
french-bulldog-bw-hk.jpgHong Kong
Very satisfied!!
Very satisfied and strongly recommended!!
chihuahua br fr.jpgFrancja
La photo avec un peu de retard
The quality of this tag was very good. The Tag matched the description beautifully. This wonderful little tag matched all my expectactions, more so as it makes me smile seeing it on Vashi's collar daily. Simply perfect. Recogmend hugely
Thank you so much for the delivery.
We are so happy.
Here is a pic of Ceela and the whole gang - Anne, Mingan, Ebba, Ceela and Ettan!
akita-inu-uk.jpgWielka Brytania
siberian-husky-red-uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Here are the photo =p
siberian-husky-black jp.jpgJaponia
Today, your wonderful tag have been arrived!! I like it so much!!
Thank you so much for yor great work!
akita inu fr.jpgFrancja
Bonsoir, voici une photo comme promis de mon chiot et son médaillon. Bonne soirée
corgi duchess au2.jpgAustralia
corgi duchess au1.jpgAustralia
Duchess flexing her new MjavHov dog I.D tag. looks so grown up now
boston terrier us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
caniche blanc fr.jpgFrancja
Medaille bien reçu parfait tres jolie bonne année a vous
stafford vashti.jpgAustralia
G'Day MjavHov Team Vashti is loving her new name tag Thank you all so much. Best wishes from Susie and Vashti in Australia
saluki uk.jpgWielka Brytania
We ordered the tag for our Saluki and it’s PERFECT. It came so quickly, and it’s such good quality - it’s like an enamel pin so nice and thick, the engraving was super clear. Really fantastic quality and have since recommended to a few friends. Could not have been more happy with how it came out - the perfect christmas gift. If you’re considering purchasing, definitely do it
Mooie, stevige hondenpenning die heel snel werd bezorgd.
schnauzer hk.jpgHong Kong
french-bulldog-hk.jpgHong Kong
Hi, just received it!!! So great and you have a wonderful job!! Thank you very much!!!! I will write on the review!
schipperke cz.jpgCzechy
Very nice schipperke head - close to the standard. Nice material. Very fast shipping. Giving 11/10
everything well received Many thanks
cavalier henry uk.jpgWielka Brytania
beagle brown white fr.jpgFrancja
Medaille bien reçue, elle est tout simplement magnifique, a l'image de mon doudou!!! Encore merci
Bellissima la nuova medaglietta della piccola Kir..
Grazie MjavHov
We love your Akita Tag. We have 3, for all collars 1.
Meanwhile, Shinyuu
I have received the tags. Thank you.
The tags are for a puppy that will be arriving in Singapore in January 2022.
I will send you a photo when i receive the puppy.
windhund de.jpgNiemcy
Hello! I would say it fits perfectly, thank you very much
labrador retriever olson.jpgHolandia
I received the pet tag on Saturday and I am very happy wirh it! Thank you for the quick service! It looks lovely on Olsen! I enclose a photo of Olsen wirh the tag.
Best regards, Ellen
staffordshire bullterier brown fr.jpgFrancja
la médaille est bien arrivée - merci beaucoup! Ci-jointe vous trouverez une photo de ma chienne avec sa nouvelle médaille.
english setter au.jpgAustralia
Awesome tag, looks just like my dog
amstaff gw usa.jpgStany Zjednoczone
I have these tags for all my dogs, but this one matches my boy exactly. I love this product!
griffon esme au.jpgAustralia
So in love with this tag. It’s perfect for our dog Esmé. Thank you so much.
shiba inu pl.jpgPolska
Thank you for the quick delivery. According to your request, I am sending pictures of my dog Shogun.
Best regards
afghan hound uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Excellent quality!! Excellent service!! Product much better quality than I expected!
airedale terrier us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Love them , they look great !
sighthound sv.jpg
Thank you very much! I`m very happy with how it looks on Svante.
Best regards
spitz slo.jpgSłowenia
welsh corgi slo.jpgSłowenia
naša kosmatinca že nosita novi nakit :)
Lepo vas pozdravljam, Barbara
schnauzer black us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
akita inu uk.jpgWielka Brytania
His name is Fumito, he's naturally stubborn Japanese Akita a bit over 1yr.
We just love his new tag! It's so realistic and looks like his small copy great quick service and best possible quality of tag. Couldn't chose better 5/5
Definitely will recommend to friends
Thanks a lot!!! It's awesome
flatcoated retriever se.jpg
Here is a photo of Sammie with his tag from you. He is a flatcoated retriever puppy 12 weeks old, living in Sweden. Have a nice summer!
Best regards, Lena
dackel winston fr.jpgFrancja
Bonjour, je suis super contente avec la médaille, merci! Voici un photo
bien cordialement, Emily et Winston
ausstralian shepherd br us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Finally managed to get some with the tag showing nicely
boxer us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
I loved it.
dalmatian fabio de.jpgNiemcy
Fabio mit seiner neuen Marke.
amstaff bw fr.jpgFrancja
great dane blue willow us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Willow loves her new dog tag!
papillon tricolor fi.jpgFinlandia
Hello, tag is great! Here is picture.
I received the dog tag this morning and the whole family loves it! Thanks so much for the custom colours. I will send some photos, feel free to use any of them for your website. Warm regards, Guneet
sighthound-wb-us1.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Realized I never sent a photo of this young dapper gentleman with his jewelry. Excited to get our updated tag.
siberian husky grey uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Absolutely lovely, excellent quality, thank you so much
Fantastic. Excellent quality. Exceeded expectations
Voici notre Boubou et son beau médaillon Cordialement Thierry
Super fast shipping! I love it! Recommended to a lot of friends who asked where I got the pet tags.
lhasa apso ph.jpgPhilippines
Super fast shipping! I love it! Recommended to a lot of friends who asked where I got the pet tags.
Bonjour, j'ai reçu le médaillon aujourd'hui au bout de 3 semaines. Il est tres bien et je ne regrette pas d'avoir patienté. Merci. Cordialement, Corinne.
Thank you for the fast and good service
Merci la médaille elle est superbe!!! Je vous envoie une photo de notre chien RUBY.
Bonne continuation
La médaille est tres jolie, elle est parfaite pour mon chien et la gravure est de bonne qualité. Merci beaucoup au vendeur.
beaver-yorkie-oliver-us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Oliver Farnsley Kerr modeling his dog tag from Slovenia
They arrived! And they`re so so awesome. I`ve already had so many people ask where they`re from so hopefully you`ll get a bull terrier and a Labrador order soon!!!
Thank you so very much, I am so happy jo x
west-highland-white-terrier-wylie.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Wylie & I LOVE his new tag! We love Westie any & everything! The quality is excellent & so is the customer service! Really thrilled with this purchase.
doberman uk7.jpgWielka Brytania
A unique dog tag that I couldn`t find anywhere else. Great quality and looks fantastic
basenji no.jpgNorwegia
New tags! We look awesome. Bought from @mjavhov
Grazie per la medaglietta , e meravigliosa! Lui e Rosenthal...
★★★★★ J’adore ! Super produit,de qualité et livré dans les temps . Je recommande ce vendeur
Pošiljam sliko moje bande ob prelepem sončnem vzhodu in seveda z vašimi nepogrešljivi ID obeski. Super so, vedno naročim dva obeska, enega za na oprsnico ter enega za na ovratnico.
Lep pozdrav,
Darja in moja banda
pošiljam obljubljeno. Fotografija našega avstralskega ovčarja ARES-a. Verjetno mi bo uspelo še kakšno lepšo narediti, pa vam še kakšno pošljem.
Lep pozdrav, Alenka
jack-russel-terrier-dog-ID-tag-us1.jpgStany Zjednoczone
The tag is very cute! I love it!
Great customer service from the seller and item just as expected. Thanks guys!
ausstralian shepherd tricolor fr1.jpgFrancja
cavalier king charles black tan2de.jpgNiemcy
herzlichen Dank für diese tolle einzigartige Hundemarke. Wir haben schon mal bestellt. Hund hat jedoch Marke verloren. Darum immer wieder gerne.
Nalo is only 25% havanais, but the medale is great.
Murphy Du Grain De Beauté received his new `Shar Pei` tag (we lost the previous one)
longhair dachshund ie1.jpgIrlandia
Bought 2 blonde dachshund key rings as Christmas Stocking Fillers for my Brother and his Wife. They were absolutely thrilled with the image (it was so good it was as if their own dog had posed for it) and with the engraving on the reverse. Great purchase, user-friendly site, great service and value. Thoroughly recommend
british shortcut us3.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Exactly as pictured. Since my British Blue Shorthair is an indoor only cat, I use it as a key ring. Owner was responsive and made sure the engraving on the back was what I wanted. I am extremely happy with the purchase! Sturdy and cute!
lagotto us2.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Wonderful! Sweet little key chain and perfect engraving. This was a `stocking stuffer` gift and it actually made my 23 year old son cry. Thank you so much!
german wirehaired pointer us1.jpgStany Zjednoczone
What a great memento for breed specific dog lovers! I bought this and a different breed as small gifts and they are just perfect. Thank you again!
white shepherd es1.jpgHiszpania
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the dog tag! It was a present from my sister for Christmas and it is lovely!!!!!!!!!
dogo argentino staffordshire us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Maybe the cutest thing I've ever ordered. Looks just like my dogs.
I love them. Even cuter in person
czechoslovakian wolfdog  ca.jpgKanada
Merci j ai bien reçu la médaille
schnauzer white blister us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Cute pet tag. Just as expected. Secure packaging.
alaskan malamutes us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
I love these tags and was so happy to find them still available for my new puppies!
maltese en.jpgWielka Brytania
Nice piece of art! So cute.
Thank You so much Best regards from Polen
Lula with Family Pacholewicz
czechoslovakian wolfdog fi.jpgFinlandia
The tag is a perfect fit for our puppy Ronja! Clearly well made and will last long
white cat mc.jpgWielka Brytania
Bought it for my Siberian cat. Looks very similar. Hope to have a dedicated one for Siberian Cats!
munsterlander 2.jpgKanada
I have attached a few pictures for you. Thank you again and the keychains look great!! Happy holidays again! Jay
kost blitz.jpgSłowenia
hvala za poslan obesek. Blitzu zelo pristoji.
Lep dan želim,
eurasier braun.jpgNiemcy
Wirklich super toll! Alles hat gepasst und der Anhänger steht unserem Hund ausgezeichnet! Danke
sighthound whyte-fawn-mi.jpgStany Zjednoczone
This is a lovely tag which closely matches the colors of my fawn and white whippet. Due to the global pandemic shipping took a bit longer than anticipated, but the helpful shop owner kept me up to date with all the details of the journey to Minnesota.
doberman maya.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Thank you so much Maja!!! Our Doberman Maya LOVES her beautiful, hand-made name tag!!! it is absolutely perfect!!!
cavalier-king-charles-spaniel-blenheim-ruby.jpgStany Zjednoczone
We absolutely love the cavilier tag from you! Thank you so much for the great quality of the ID tag! Here's a picture of Ruby with tag on her collar.
german shepherd fr.jpgFrancja
Thank you !!!
Ecco a voi!
Angus e Neve
anbei ein Foto meiner Hunde mit eurer Marke! Ich hoffe es ist ein brauchbares Bild dabei!
Liebe Grüße,
border terrier obi wan.jpgFrancja
Bonjour, merci pour la médaille, photo en piece jointe Amitiés d`Obi Wan
bolonka zwetna lady no.jpgNorwegia
Hi! I am very satisfied with the dog tag I bought from you. I would recommend you to others! It was fast delivery and no complications! My dog looks lovely with her collar and I think Lady likes it as well.
Best regards Thea from Norway.
Please find attached a picture of my lovely dog Tokyo and his perfectly look alike medal. It suits him so well, we love it!
Sorry for the late answer he is not always posing with the medal displayed ahah.
Greetings from Belgium.
leonberger jp.jpgJaponia
Hello. Very nice. Thank you very much.
from Japan
fox-terrier-en.jpgWielka Brytania
Love this tag so much I've just ordered another to go on a different collar. It's very solid, good quality & looks good.
Here is a picture of Pascoe, our Dogue de Bordeaux, showing off her dog tag.
border collie belle.jpgWłochy
Belle #bordercollie #puppydog
amstaff charlie.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Here`s a photo of our gal Charlie wearing her collar with her tag
staffordshire bullterier brindle1.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Here`s a photo of my dog`s collar with his tag. He passed recently. I loved this tag on him
staffordshire bullterier brindle2.jpg
golden retriever arlo.jpgStany Zjednoczone
I got it yesterday, I love it so much and so does arlo! Thank you
I was looking for a bigger tag for my pup and couldn`t pass this cute custom one up! Did not disappoint
havanese pablo.jpgStany Zjednoczone
I just received the engraved dog tag I ordered from you through Etsy. I`ve attached a picture of Pablo wearing his new tag. Thanks so much!
chihuahua black us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
I got this tag for 9wks old chihuahua puppy. Love it. Black one is for my blue merle. White one’s for my double merle. 2nd purchased customer
french bulldog blue.jpgFrancja
Thank you
papillon bw.jpgStany Zjednoczone
i love the necklace and my fiona sinclaire is sooo proud to wear it. i sent u a couple photos so u can pick whick one u want to use. u made me and my babygirl sooo happy. thank u.
australian kelpie freya.jpgAustralia
Love the dog tag! It's well made and durable. Would recommend this product and their customer service is outstanding. Keep up the good work!
australian shepherd timber.jpgNiemcy
Heute endlich schicke ich ein Bild von unserem Timber mit dem tollen Anhänger. Als wäre er selbst Modell gestanden. Vielen Dank nochmal dafür. Liebe Grüße
vizsla ark.jpgSłowenia
Pozdravljeni Pošiljam vam sliko našega kužka - vižlek Ark, ki pozira z obeskom naročenim pri vas. Sliko pošiljam za objavo v vaši spletni strani in FB.
Lepo pozdravljeni in lep vikend
british shorthair nelson.jpgSingapore
Awesome tag and great service by the sellers!
golden retriever-Buddy.jpgWielka Brytania
Hi, Thank you for the beautiful tags. Please find attached a picture of Buddy our 12 week old golden retriever with his tag!

border-terrier-lottie.jpgWielka Brytania
It looks great on my border terrier Lottie, really good quality and the writing is very clear. It took a little while to arrive but it was definitely worth it.
lebrel es.jpgHiszpania
Después de más de un mes porfin me llego!! Es muy bonito!!
nova scotia duck tolling retriever au.jpgAustralia
Just letting you know I got the tag last Monday and picked my puppy up on Saturday. Look how handsome he is wearing his tag ??
Thank you!
schnauzer pepper salt black.jpgSłowenia
Slikica mojega Shara, srednji šnavcer, sol in poper, mladič 2,5 meseca.
Lep pozdrav / Best Regards,
english setter blue belton ru.jpgRosja
thanks for the great job! we and our dog Sky are very happy!
Tres heureuse. Produit solide et envois de confiance Je recommande sans retenue Lily et Odha sont bien jolies avec leurs medailles
Smo dobili, hvalaa!!
doberman uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Really pleased with the dobermann tag. Great quality and looks fantastic
I have it , and its beautyfull . And so quick.
Thank you
biewer yorkshire terrier 2.jpgSłowenia
biewer yorkshire terrier.jpgSłowenia
Pošiljam slike našega Yorka.
Lep pozdrav,Irena
Fellow (10 let in pol) ga nosi že, od kar ste jih pričeli izdelovati; obesek ima že dodatno luknjo, ampak oba se še dobro držita
Fani Jenny.jpgSłowenia
- Jenny (zdaj je stara že skoraj 8 mesecev), naši tamali ste naredili obesek pred nekaj meseci
- Fani (8 let) ga je dobila danes, ker ji je stari ušel izpod nadzora in ga nismo več našli
cavalier king charles black tan.jpgNiemcy
Zweimal gekauft, weil Marken einmalig schön sind
Thank you!
shiba-keychain.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Thank you very much!
whippet cooper.jpgIrlandia
Cool tag for Cooper!
border colly tilly.jpgSingapore
The tag finally arrived after Covid-related delivery delays and it's so cute! Tilly (the dog) doesn't look cooperative here but she loves it :) worth the wait and thank you so much for being so patient in holding on to the tag for us until the mailing channels opened up again!
paw violet white shepherd.jpgSłowenia
Hvala, zadovoljni
akita inu it.jpgWłochy
Grazie mille
doguedebordeaux-lily.jpgWielka Brytania
Thank you so much! Both me and Lily love her new tag, it's well made and engraved perfectly
australian shepherd be.jpgBelgia
I received my tag today and I love it! Picture attached. :-)
springer spaniel en.jpgWielka Brytania
Sorry, not the best photo but he doesn't sit still for a minute!
Thank you for the lovely tag
Kind regards
basenji Tori.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Here is a pic of my red and white baby Tori. Thank you for her cute tag!
siberian husky dasky1.jpgWłochy
Ciao, sono andato direttamente in posta a ritirare.
Grazie mille, davvero bellissimo!
nova scotia duck tolling retriever bobby.jpgHolandia
Bobby is erg blij met z'n penning heel erg bedankt
labrador us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Thank you so much! It was a gift for my boyfriends dog. He loved it. We appreciate you. It makes it extra special because it is from Slovenia.
Ibasenji en.jpgWielka Brytania
Absolutely love it! Very good quality. Thank you so much
dalmatian salvatore.jpgRosja
Hello! One dalmatian is good, and two is better. We bought two puppies, so we need another token. Thank you very much! With best regards, Kirill
basenji hudson.jpgAustralia
A must have. Thank you for another incredible product!
boxer fawn duke.jpgStany Zjednoczone
It came in the mail yesterday and we love it! It couldn’t be more perfect! Excellent seller as well: shipped quickly and great communication!
lagotto romagnolo paco.jpgSłowenia
Paco je zelo zadovoljen s svojim obeskom. Odlično.
bearded collie grey.jpgNiemcy
Love it! It arrived so quickly.
havanese bichon ava.jpgSłowenia
Hvala, super obesek je.
To je pa naša Ava. Havanska bišonka.
Lp, Dušan
tibetan-terrier-bentley.jpgWielka Brytania
Good looking, fast delivery! Bentley was very pleased with the Tibetan Terrier dog tag. X
cavalier king charles spaniel paraty.jpgFrancja
Love It!!!! It is so beautiful :) Paraty is so happy with her new tag!
spitz black2.jpgSłowenia
spitz black1.jpgSłowenia
hvala, lp
basenji keychain.jpgAustralia
Incredible quality! Extremely pleased with my purchase. It was so good that I had to buy another one :)
border collie lun.jpgSłowenia
bearded collies.jpgNiemcy
sheltie blue.jpgFrancja
Bonjour, comme promis je vous envoie une photo de Pom avec sa jolie médaille
brussels griffon.jpg
Very nice, VERDELL WILL BE HONORED to be on you social media Sendiing fre pics now an later with name Greetings from Sweden
collie marlon2.jpgNiemcy
Wie schon beim letzten Mal, sehr schöne Hundemarke und sehr schnelle Lieferung. Vielen Dank!
yorkie charlie.jpgStany Zjednoczone
★★★★★ I ordered several of these tags. I ordered a couple Longhaired dachshund tags for my dachshund, my sister's dachshund and my best friend's dachshund. I also have a small Yorkie, pictured, and his tag looks so good on him. Looks like him and I'm obsessed with all of them! They are well built and till now have been pretty scratch resistant. My dogs have rolled around in them and not one scratchs.
akita shirou.jpgAustria
Da sind die gewünschte Fotos von Shirou, Danke es war schnelle Lieferung und die Marke sieht super aus
dackels.jpgStany Zjednoczone
I received your dog tags, they are so wonderful. Thank you.
im Anhang finden Sie ein paar Fotos von meinem Beagle Charlie und seinem Spitz-Mix Freund Simba mit ihren Hundemarken!
Ich bin Tierfotografin und auf Facebook als "Wau-Effekt" zu finden!

Liebe Grüße
chow chow diesel 1.jpg
chow chow diesel 2.jpgWielka Brytania
Thank you so much, the chow dog tag arrived today. It is fantastic.
Here are a few photos of Diesel with it
pudel pika.jpgNiemcy
Vijačna Pika z obeskom!
Lep pozdrav,
cavalier-king-charles-spaniel-black-tan 2.jpgNiemcy
Weil die erste Hundemarke super schön war, haben wir gleich noch eine bestellt. Diese ist auch prima und mit Anschrift.
Herzlichen Dank dafür.
doberman duke.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Love the Doberman dog ID!
dogo argentino scout.jpgStany Zjednoczone
I can’t believe they carried a Dogo Argentino tag! LOVE it!
Yellow Shar Pei dogtag for our fawn shar pei Pebbles. She looks great with it.
Black & blue ones already published.
We are very glad that we found such lovely dogtags and I remember very well your warm welcome at the dogshow in Wels (Austria)
Najlepša hvala!
cairn terrier red de.jpgNiemcy
Vielen Dank wir freuen uns auf die Marken. Anbei ein Foto unserer Cairn Terrier Hündin Lillifee auf dem man Ihre Marke schön sieht.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
collars dackel yorkie.jpgStany Zjednoczone
These are super cute! I have bought them for all my dogs and even given some as gifts to some of our pup friends!
chihuahua chip2.jpgNowa Zelandia
chihuahua chip3.jpgNowa Zelandia
chihuahua chip1.jpgNowa Zelandia
Chip loves his tag! It looks just like him, even down to the cheeky grin! Thanks!
japanese chin.jpgStany Zjednoczone
This little tag is perfect! It’s just as described! I will be getting more in the future!
basenji1.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Emu with her tag. She loves it and so do I. Thank you
akita inu white.jpgKanada
My dog tag finally arrived and we love it Thank you
Attached photo of my white Akita with his new tag. I will try to get some better photos later today
Thanks again
french bulldog black white bela.jpgSłowenia
Hvala lepa za obesek
white shepherd galia.jpgPolska
Perfect deal, great quality, nice service! I recomend!
Regards, Adrian
australian shepherd blue merle at.jpgAustria
flatcoated retriever brown.jpgHolandia
Ben super te vrede over de hondenpenning Flatcoated Retriever van MjavHov Ook best wel snel geleverd.
border collie orange2.jpgSłowenia
Smo zelo zadovoljni Enega sem že uspela fotografirati Ni pa ravno navdušen kadar se ga fotografira Lep in uspešen dan vam želim Alenka
shetland sheepdog sheltie tricolor.jpgAustralia
Love my puppy’s new tag
Hundemarke als Schlüsselanhänger
Vielen Dank - stolze Anhängerträger Liebe Grüsse Susanne

V prilogi pošiljam slikici, ne vem pa, če vam bosta prišli kaj prav - črna obeska na črni podlagi na črnih psih, ki ne marajo poziranja ;)

Lep pozdrav,
Airedale Terrier Marke danke super schnell angekommen
Vielen lieben Dank dafür.
Pljunuti :-)
Hvala MjavHov - with MjavHov.
white shepherd hawai2.jpg
white shepherd hawai1.jpgFrancja
Merci pour la médaille dont je suis tres satisfait. Ci-joint deux photos prises ce jour.

Bien cordialement.

This is a picture of our dogtags we bought at the IDS in Wels (Austria).
A black tag for our black sharpei Murphy and a blue tag for our blue sharpei Honey.
The new one we received today is for our new puppy that only arrives in december.
I'll send you another picture then.

Kind regards,

Marc from Belgium
schnauzer white u.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Love this name tag! Arrived quickly and great quality! Would highly recommend this product and company!
chihuahua bonnie1.jpgNiemcy
Hallo, mit etwas Verspätung anbei 2 Fotos. Viele Grüße Claudia & Mädels
chihuahua bonnie2.jpg
cavalier king charles spaniel ron.jpgSłowenia
V prilogi pošiljam sliko. Sva zelo zadovoljna. Hvala
boston terrier hubert2.jpg
boston terrier hubert.jpgNiemcy
vielen lieben Dank
havanese bwe.jpgIrlandia
another lovely ID tag---super fast dispatch---very fair tracked shipping cost---always ultra professional service!
newfoundlander lyyli.jpgFinlandia
Lyyli says thank you
shiba inu sg.jpgSingapore
Nice change from the tags sold at the shops
west highland terrier ger.jpgNiemcy
Wonderful item, serious seller, very satisfied, it was a pleasure, many thanks
samojede ie.jpgIrlandia
beautifully detailed id tag---super fast dispatch---very fair shipping cost---tracking included---ultra professional seller all round!
dachshund red oh.jpgStany Zjednoczone
schnauzer black silver oh.jpgStany Zjednoczone
cavalier king charles tri.jpgSłowenia
akita white.jpgKanada
Thank you so much! Good work!
borsoi ferdinand.jpgKanada
Ferdinand with the pet tag!
akita inu brindle nl.jpgHolandia
Our brindle Akita with the brindle Akita badge
pomeranian maya.jpgNiemcy
minipinch lur.jpgHiszpania
labradoodle bubbels.jpgHolandia
Bubbels is very happy with her new tag! See the picture included. She actually is a labradoodle but since you don't have a labradoodle tag Ik bought this one. But if you allow me to give you an advice: make also a tag of a labradoodle: a very populair dog nowadays, so you will sell a lot of them bye Pauline
akita inu brindle.jpgFrancja
Une deuxieme médaille, j'adore
hundemarke leo.jpgNiemcy
Very quick shipment and nice communication :) it also looks very nice on my Leo!
shiba sk.jpg
Pošiljam slike obeska in mojega kosmatinca.
vanilla.jpgWielka Brytania
Vanilla is happy with his tag thanks
abyssinian cats.jpgAustralia
I have two Abyssinian cats, just like these key rings.
posredujem vam sliko našega bernija Othella (Othello Berner Kaiser)
whipet no.jpgNorwegia
Thank you for a perfect ID-TAG to our Whippet
old english sheepdog bobtail ca.jpgKanada
british shorthair duke.jpgAustralia
Our little Duke loves his cat tag! Thank you so much guys. Prompt delivery and good quality.
american-cocker-spaniel-colar s.jpg
Včeraj sem prejela paketek
Še par slikic
naš Bono že ponosno nosi vaš obesek. Hvala!
Lp, Tina
shiba inu tricolor and red.jpgWielka Brytania
Thank you so much the fantastic tag’s have been received and now adorn my dogs!
Best wishes
collie marlon.jpgNiemcy
vielen dank für die schnelle sendung, der anhänger ist sehr schön :-)
australian shepherd phillis.jpgBelgia
Received the penning today, number 5 I guess we order from you haha Send a picture with the E-mail 'Phillis showing off her new tag' :-)
Kind regards,
pudel davinci socke.jpgNiemcy
Vielen lieben Dank für die tolle Hundemarke.
Ich hab mal ein Foto mitgeschickt.
Viele Grüße
pudel davinci 2.jpg
Naša red-merle avstralska ovčarka že nosi vaš obesek, ker pa je dolgodlaka se ga ne vidi.
Lp Gabrijela
pet tag bob.jpgKanada
We love it!!! Thank you :-)
chihuahua molly.jpgNiemcy
die Hundemarken waren schon am Samstag, 27.4. da! Das mit den Fotos hat etwas länger gedauert und hat viele vergebliche Versuche gebraucht. Zuerst ist mir nur das Foto im Liegen gelungen, später dann noch eins beim Spaziergang.
Viele liebe Grüße
schnauzer black silver mas1.jpgNiemcy
hier zwei Fotos unserer Zwergschnauzerhündinnen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
schnauzer black silver mas2.jpg
Tag well received!
Here is a photograph, as per your request…
Met genegen groet,
border collie black ear.jpgWielka Brytania
My dog and their new tag. :)
Tres belle médaille, belle gravure, envoi rapide et soigné
german shepherd.jpgSłowenia
Hvala za obesek, super je!
akita inu grey.jpgFrancja
J'adore cette médaille.
westie hope.jpg
Dette er Hope.
westies hjalte kikki 2.jpg
Det er Hjalte og Kikki, Hjalte hundetegn er lige kommet, er det muligt at fa en ring som er tykkere til at satte i halsbandet.
Mvh Bodil
west highland terrier kikky.jpg
Dette er Kikki med jeres hundetegn
J'adore!!!parfait petit médaillon,et merci pour la rapidité de l'envoi!
bonne journée
Vielen Dank für die schönen Hundemarken!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Martina
bordercollie-kathy.jpgWielka Brytania
Hi, Thanks for sending our Border Collie dog tag so quickly. Attach photo of our dog Katy. Richard
Spoštovani, pošiljam vam fotografijo z vašim obeskom. Lep pozdrav. Pino
Terrier escoces pug.jpgBrazylia
Arrived!!! So beautiful, many thanks
Pošiljam vam dve slikici mojih psov z vašimi prelepimi obeski.
Res so lepi, zelo lepo narejena glava samojeda. Imam kar dva kompleta, en komplet za na ovratnice, en pa za na oprsnice, tako da jih imajo ob vsakih priložnostih gor.
Lep pozdrav, Darja
akita inu hoshi.jpgRosja
Спасибо! Thank you. Hoshi, St-Petersburg.
english bulldog gracie.jpgStany Zjednoczone
This tag is the perfect size and the details are amazing!!! Very easy to read all the info on the back!! Very happy I found and ordered this tag!!!!
windhund hannah.jpgNowa Zelandia
Love the tag and it looks awesome on Hannah. Arrived really quickly.
shiba inu de.jpgNiemcy
Shiba-inu: Chakira, Yuna, Yuri
malinois-hu l.jpgWęgry
Fast shipping, excellent product, nice seller. I’d definitely recommend buying from this shop:)
siberian husky us.jpgStany Zjednoczone
This is so cute and looks just like my dog! I love it so much!! Thank you :)
havanese finn.jpgSzwajcaria
Besten Dank für den Anhänger für Finn
Ich habe an der Hundemesse zwei Anhänger gekauft für Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund „Hoover und Endo“. Gerne schicke ich ihnen Fotos von allen 3 Hunden.
Liebe Grüsse
cavalier king charles spaniel puppy s1.jpgAustralia
Love it!
So gorgeous. Thank you!
cavalier king charles spaniel puppy s2.jpg
doberman asko2.jpgSłowenia
Takole je naš Asko ponosen na svojo značko!
L.p. Peter
rhodesian ridgeback simba.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Hi, You had asked me to send a pic. Is this one good enough?
chihuahua ollie.jpgStany Zjednoczone
It's exactly what I wanted! It was ready to ship within a day of my order being placed. Shipping was fast. I received it 13 days after placing my order. I would recommend this shop to others and will purchase again when I need another high quality dog tag.
shiba inu leo.jpgZjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie
Great quality, i love it. As described, name and contacts are just perfect. Highly Recommended for u, Thank u
Thank you so much! We love the tag from Bianca and Jake
pug puggow.jpgSingapore
Hi dear,
Well received postage! I love it!
Thank you so much!??
Hundemarke Sascha,Kiana,Kora von Knöpsgarden

wie gewünscht ein paar Bilder in Anhänge.
MFG Bernhard
australian shepherd dreifarbig.jpgNiemcy
Foto von Tamino Australien Shepherd mit 17 Wochen
amstaff maxi.jpgSłowenia
Spoštovani pošiljam vam slike od psa (Maxi) upam, da si boste z njimi pomagali, ker trenutno ni pripravljen preveč sodelovati pri fotografiranju.
S spoštovanjem Daniel
siberian husky chyno.jpgSłowenia
Hvala za poslano. Pošiljam sliko J
Lp, KArmen
newfoundland nora.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Wonderful tag, our pup looks great in it :) unfortunately at daycare the tag had fallen off and lost, but we will be getting another for her.
Rufus the Airedale.jpgWielka Brytania
Rufus the Airedale and Dillon the Fox Terrier love their new pet tags.......Thank you
Dillon the Fox Terrier.jpg
shelties maddox shadow.jpgAustria
Meine Tochter liebt diese Anhänger...und hat sie auf ihren Agility-Leckerlibeutel gehängt!
rottweiler 1218fr.jpgFrancja
doberman jarra keyring.jpgLitwa
Hello, I've got this key ring as a birthday gift from my friends ant it is wonderful! Thank you ever so much!
cairn terrier red fredi.jpgSłowenia
Posiljam slikco ... lp Meta
You will be happy to know your package just arrived today!!
It looks fantastic! Well worth the wait.
See my little monkey with your charm. It really looks so much like Brody. It's so hard to get him to sit still!!
Zdravo, hvala za obeska, moja mala avstralska ovčarka Cuba zaenkrat nosi črno tačko, srebrna kostka jo še čaka.
french bulldog black.jpg
Naši važiči
Danke für die schöne Marke
sighhound black.jpgWielka Brytania
Here's a pic of the little charm I bought from you.
saluki nl.jpgHolandia
Good news! They have arrived! I'm so happy. Thank you so much for resending them!! Here by a picture with the tag on. Best Regards, Monique
sibirian-husky-sanuk-mjavhov.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Sanuk our Siberian Husky
Thank you for the tags.!! Here are some pictures.
Vielen Dank für die schöne Marke und die schnelle Lieferung. Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland!
french-bulldog-indie.jpgWielka Brytania
Hi thank you for my pet tag/ID, here is a photo of indie wearing it.
Here is a picture of Odin with his new tag. Thanks for the good service and a beautiful tag!
Paw from Odin (the Netherlands)
pošiljam slikico Arie z novim obeskom in Ario z Zoe ki ima tudi vaš obesek
hvala lp andreja
Good news! The package came on Friday - thank you so much for resending it!! The tag looks great! I tried to get a photo of Loki with it but he unfortunately was not very cooperative. He seemed to think it was a treat for him to eat. Thanks again!!
hvala za obesek, super je!
Prilagam sliko.

Lp, Ilona
border terrier muffin2.jpgSzwajcaria
Vielen Dank für die sehr schönen Hundemarken. Super Service!
Den Anhänger von Nessy trage ich an meinem Schlüsselbund als Andenken.
Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz
Rita und Muffin

Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung von Muffins Hundemarke.
Sieht einfach toll aus.

Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz
Rita und Muffin


Vielen Dank, die Hundemarken sind angekommen und gefallen mir sehr, sehr gut. Auch die rückseitige Gravur ist deutlich lesbar
Nikito et sa jolie medaille
Joyce et sa medaille
Furka et sa medaille
Je suis tres satisfaite de mes 4 medailles il m en faudrait une pour un eurasier pensez vous la faire bientôt
Voici la belle Djuna avec sa jolie medaille
great dane blue apache1.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Apache Blu Thunder - thanks you from the USA
great dane blue apache2.jpgStany Zjednoczone
Merci j ai bien reçu la médaille aujourd'hui ! Elle est parfaite 🐕😍 Merci pour la livraison ultra rapide Bien à vous
australian shepherd red merle meu.jpgHiszpania
Thank you so much we are in love with this nametag, perfect product and great service!! Greetings from Spain
tervueren malice.jpgFrancja
Bien reçu la médaille
Photo de Malice: Tervueren femelle de 2,5 ans avec la médaille
Die Hundemarke ist angekommen vielen Dank, sie gefällt mir sehr gut mit der Gravur!
Im Anhang ein Foto von der Marke und meinem Basenji Don Luka
mit freindlichen Grüßen
Brigitte und Don Luka
stafford white staf.jpgSłowenia
Slikica Stafa
paw purple2.jpgSłowenia
Tole je naš As z obeskom in obvezno igračo seveda.

Lp Rok
siberian husky brown.jpgNiemcy
Herzlichen Dank, die Plakette ist sehr schön!
(Tipp: braune Huskys haben fast immer auch eine braune Nase :-))
Viele Grüße aus Deutschland!
greater swiss mauntain.jpgWielka Brytania
Such a quickly delivery and amazing quality!
Our big ‘ol Swissy is in love with his new tag.
chihuahua kim.jpgSłowenia
V prilogi pošiljam obljubljeno fotografijo Kim Taralinska.

Hvala in LP
Žuža že veselo nosi ovratnico z vašim obeskom
english-setter-uk.jpgWielka Brytania
Just arrived love it the boy has got it on
chihuahua jack.jpgWłochy
Grazie per la bella medaglietta! Sono proprio uguale!
black bone aisha.jpgSłowenia
hvala za čudovit, kvaliteten obesek, katerega naša Aisha
lp, K
Hallo, ein Foto von Othello. Leider kann man die Hundemarke bei seinem dichten Fell nicht sehen. Sonst Hundemarke und Schlüsselanhänger sehr schön.
Gruß Marlies

pošiljam fotko. Pri tej dolgi dlaki je res težko fotkat od spredaj, ker se težje vidi obesek. Upam, da bo fotka ok. Link spletne trgovine sem posredovala tudi ostalim po Evropi, ki imajo bearded collieje.
Lp, Kaja
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren!
Herzlichen Dank für die rasche Lieferung.
Im Anhang ein Foto von Evoli mit seiner neuen Marke.
Liebe Grüße
Obesek je super, pošiljam vam dve fotki z Lunom in obeskom - verjetno bom naročila še enega zanj:).
Lep pozdrav,
Sem Žuža in ker sem še dvomesečni mladič nimam še stalne ovratnice, zato obesek čaka še da malo zrastem in dobim ovratnico :)
Hallo !!

Anbei das Foto mit der Hundemarke.

whippet-viper.jpgWielka Brytania
Viper got her pendant! Thanks!
I send you the picture so you can publish your favourite
Pošiljam slikico obeska.
sighthounds janis lorien.jpgFrancja
Une photo! de mes filles Janis et Lorien avec vos magnifiques médailles !

Bien cordialement Dominique
paw bone heart.jpgSłowenia
Hvala, obesek smo prejeli. Končno lahko vsi trije ponosno nosijo vsak svojega, s svojim imenom in mojo številko. Upam da res samo za okras 😊 V prilogi pa slikica vseh treh.

Hvala in lep dan!
Taja & Sky & Bel & Patch
cavalier king charles iggy.jpgSłowenia
Kot obljubljeno, vam v prilogi pošiljam sliko Iggy z vašim čudovitim obeskom.
Lep pozdrav, Zoran
avstralian shepherd bandy.jpgSłowenia
Castro, Queeny in Cuba tudi z vašim obeski ❤ Super so!
Здравствуйте. Товар получила, спасибо большое! Очень красивые адресники, будем брать только у Вас! Высылаю фотографии.
tibetan terrier1.jpgSłowenia
Evo najbolje, bomo še probal..
lp, Damjan
german shepherd boni.jpgSłowenia
Evo našel sliko, na kateri se vidi vaš znak.
Gre za Boni
boston terrier wilma.jpgNiemcy
The dog tag arrived today and looks amazing. Attached is a photo of Wilma.
Thanks, Julian
labrador retriever didi.jpgSłowenia
Pozdravljeni, pošiljam sliko Didi z vašim obeskom. Hvala in lep dan!
Hello, I'm sending the picture with the Shelties - many thanks for the pet tags, they are really nice!
french bulldog ellya.jpg
french bulldog hanae.jpgFrancja
Bonsoir bien reçu médaillé merci . Elles sont très sympa ! Voici mes choupettes comme promis. Belle soirée
australian shepherd red noon.jpgFrancja
Merci , colis reçu ce jour Et voici Noon avec sa nouvelle médaille Cordialement
berner sennenhund sam.jpgNiemcy
Ganz herzlichen Dank für den wunderschönen Anhänger und die schnelle Lieferung. Wie Sie sicherlich auf dem beigefügten Foto erkennen, sieht unser Sam nun besonders hübsch aus mit diesem tollen Anhänger. Er ist damit auch schon aufgefallen und ich habe Sie weiterempfohlen.

Vielen Dank und beste Grüße
Merci pour cette belle médaille :)
Maïa est croisée berger allemand et husky, j'ai donc tranché pour une médaille husky.
Je n'avais pas vu le modèle aux yeux bruns mais celle ci lui va déjà très bien :) bonne soirée
coton bron.jpgSłowenia
Nas Bron:).
Lp, Anja
bone silver husky.jpgSłowenia
Pozdravljeni, zahvaljujemo se Vam za pošiljko, v prilogi Vam pošiljam fotografijo.
Hvala in lep pozdrav
french bulldog dozer.jpgWielka Brytania
Dozer fr Florida got his pendant!
Thank you!
lagotto romagnolo bimbo.jpgHiszpania
Bimbo súper feliz con su placa
german shepherd coco.jpgHiszpania
Hoy hemos recibido nuestras preciosas medallas! Nos encanta! Son una maravilla
Coco súper feliz con su placa
french bulldog black dexter.jpgStany Zjednoczone
I absolutely love my adorable pet ID tag! I ordered it because it looks almost exactly like my dog, Dexter, and it definitely didn't disappoint! I would absolutely recommend this seller to anyone with a dog and she has tons of different breeds and color options too!
paw red ella.jpgSłowenia
Moja Ella

Lp Natalija
alaskan malamute vili.jpgSłowenia
prejela obesek, zelo zadovoljna, čudovit je :)

Pošiljam slikico našega kosmatinca. Ker je še mlad in živahen sem lahko obesek ujela samo v tem položaju :)

Hvala in lep pozdrav,

bearded collie at.jpgAustria
Guten Morgen,

leider ist es nicht besser gegangen. Bei so viel Fell.

Herzlichen Grüße
samoyede nala.jpgFrancja
Hello Here is Nala with her medal Regards Chrystel
schnauzer white jana.jpgWielka Brytania
This is Jana our white miniature schnauzer with her new tag. The quality and attention to detail is beautiful,
siberian husky rocky.jpgIndonesia
Hereby I send you photos of Rocky, hope you like it..
Sorry for the dirtiness, he’s so very active :)

Enrico - Indonesia
foxterier scotty.jpgHolandia
I really like the tag! Thank you very much! Greetings Femke and Scotty
wolfdog balon.jpgPolska
I am sending a photo of my wolfdog. The image can be used freely Thank you! Paulina
whippet flynn.jpgWielka Brytania
Flynn is thrilled with his new Dog tag, excellent service & quick delivery.
Many Thanks
cairn terrier tori.jpgSłowenia
Vem, da je minilo že veliko časa odkar sem dobila vaš obesek, ampak saj veste, kako težko je narediti lepo fotko terierja, ki ni nikoli pri miru 😁 No, danes mi je končno uspelo tako, da vam pošiljam fotko svoje Cairn terierke Tori (rodovniško ime Slowind Always Brave Heart) z vašim obeskom. 😊 Lep pozdrav, Hana
akita inu.jpgNiemcy
beagle oreo.jpgWielka Brytania
Oreo got his pendant back home in Phils, thanks!
west highland white terrier Jacky.jpg
Jacky dobil svoj obesek...
staffordshire cookie.jpg
Pošiljam vam sliko Cookie-a z novim obeskom. Lp
french bulldog lenna.jpgFrancja
Lenna et sa très belle médaille, assortie à sa robe!
beagle ali.jpg
Ali je zelo zadovoljen s svojim novim obeskom ...

Lep pozdrav
airedale terrier stanley.jpg
Many, many thanks for the fabulous Airedale Dog tag!
Stanley, like us, absolutely love it!!!
As promised, here he is proudly wearing it!
Highly recommended.
schnauzer pfeffer salz daisy.jpg
Here is a picture of Daisy in her new tag!
border collie bali.jpg
Pošiljam vam fotko našega Balija z novim obeskom.
Lp, Andreja
border collie brown lg.jpg
Die Hundemarke ist super schön. Empfehle ich gerne weiter. LG
black bone french bulldog.jpg
Lep pozdrav!

Rada bi vam sporočila, da smo zelo zadovoljni z obeskom, ki smo ga naročili :)
Prilagam tudi sliko našega pozerja :)
Lp, Maruša
cavalier king charles kramer.jpg
Here is Kramer with his new tag. Love it
border collie 2.jpg
Really cute. Looks just like my little guy. Engraving isn't super deep but it's legible. I really like it.
paw red gina.jpg
v prilogi pošiljam sliko naše Gine z novim obeskom.
Lep pozdrav, Darinka
Ich habe bei ihnen die Schlüsselanhänger bestellt
Lg Frau Schönagel
french bulldog Mike.jpg
Hii!! we recived the tag today, we love it. Thanks for the fast shippment! I send you two photos of Mike with the tag, he look so cool!!
alaskan malamute thor.jpg
Thor, orgulloso de llevar su chapita recién llegada. Muchisimas Gracias
french bulldog losai.jpg
Thank you! I’ve received the pet tag and it is awesome!
pudel tobias.jpg
Buenos días, ya me ha llegado la chapita, le mando foto de mi perrito se llama Tobias, aunque es bastante difícil hacerle una foto :)
lagotto romagnolo tori.jpg
Tori, lagotto romagnolo!
bernese svejk.jpg
Ponosni lastnik Vašega obeska - Švejk

Hvala in LP,
aussie red merle.jpg
labrador retriever ecco leo.jpg
Ecco Leo con la Vs medaglietta. Grazie.
karst shepherd nar.jpg
v priponki pošiljam sliko našega kraševca z novim obeskom.
lep pozdrav,
fox terrier manou.jpg
Ho inviato un ordine per due medagliette e approfitto dell’occasione per inviarvi le foto del mio fox terrier con la vostra medaglietta.
Cordiali saluti
whippet luna.jpg
whippet thabo.jpg
Zéér tevreden met de nieuwe penningen
australian shepherd red2.jpg
With some weeks delay, I send you some photos from the dogs + pet tag.
Best regards, Sophie
white shepherd 917.jpg
photos from the dogs + pet tag
american staffordshire terrier black white.jpg
photos from the dogs + pet tag
white shepherd miny.jpg
Regardez comme elle est fière avec sa médaille gravée :D

bone pink shih tzu.jpg
Tu vam pošiljam sliko naše psičke z vašim napisom

Lep pozdrav
border collie lin.jpg
Živjo, pošiljam sliko svojega kužka Lina z vašim obeskom
bone pink simba.jpg
Pošiljam sliko Simbe s svojim novim obeskom.
Hvala za hiter odziv.

Lp, Ksenija in Simba
staffie brown.jpg
Vielen Dank für Ihre Sendung! Anbei ein paar Fotos von unserem Hund mit Marke!
border collie kodak.jpg
Pozdravljeni, pošiljam vam slikco kuža, z novim obeskom.
sheltie mars collie mea.jpg
Pozdravljeni, danes smo kupili obeska za Marsa in Meo. Pošiljam fotografije z obeskom
cavalier king charles arabella.jpg
pošiljam vam sliko kužike Arabelle z obeskom.
Lp Lara
english bulldog vazicka.jpg
paw blue pik.jpg
Pik s svojim novim obeskom.

red bone ava.jpg
Z rahlo zamudo pošiljam fotko naše Ave z vašim prelepim obeskom! :)
Hvala za poslano pošiljko in lep pozdrav!
paw blue nal2.jpg
Nal z novim obeskom.
boston terrier Little Rudy.jpg
Little Rudy
airedale terrier barney.jpg
Hui...Barney ist genauso schnell wie die Hundemarke bei mir war...
australian shepherd red merle.jpg
V prilogi pošiljam dve fotografiji.
welsh corgy onyx2.jpg
Hello there , i might have a better pictures of Onyx with a name tag
corgi onyx.jpg
Hello there, this is the pictures, i try my best but onyx move a lot, if someday i can get a better pictures i'll send to you
cavalier king charles paw black.jpg
Še ena slikca
cavalier king charles spaniel blenheim.jpg
I purchased one of your dog tags in January and I forgot to send you a pic lol.
We absolutely LOVE it!
attached is the photo.
Thank you so much!
chihuahua jip.jpg
This is our sweetest Chihuahua Jip!
We love the pet tag, it's looks stunning on him!
Naša sramežljivka Sugar
Malo je trajalo, a mi je počasi uspelo zbrati nekaj fotografij, kjer se vidi obesek .. nekje je naša Jackie ravno prišla iz kopanja v morju.
Lepe poletne dni vam želim, Jana
french bulldog ike.jpg
Finally arrived ..... the French Bulldog tag for Ike! Very happy with it
landseer jasper.jpg
Thanks so much for the great Landseer Tag i love it Here is my best friend and baby, Jasper with one of your beautiful Tags. I will post tomorrow with your link and a text!
Jasper and Carita
paw cavalier1.jpg
Guten Tag, hier die gewünschten Fotos.
Charlie ist der King Charles - mit dem schwarzen Anhänger und Ilvy ist ein Cavalier King Charles mit dem orangen Anhänger.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
paw cavalier2.jpg
dalmatian black.jpg
Love it!! And so did elsa
dalmatian kyra.jpg
french bulldog rogue.jpg
Finally took a picture of Rogue wearing your tag. Will be ordering a couple more soon for his other collars.
australian shepherd 617.jpg
Pošiljam slikco...
Lp, Tine
beagle 17.jpg
Živjo! Pošiljam vam sliko z novo značko. Najlepša hvala, nam je zelo všeč:)
lp, Maja
french bulldogs fr.jpg
bone white misa.jpg
Pošiljam vam sliko naše Miše. Z obeskom smo zelo zadovoljni, ona pa ga tudi veselo nosi naokoli.
Lp, Anja
west highland terrier goldy.jpg
mops zoe and zeus.jpg
Še ena prelepa fotografija ZOE&ZEUS
mops zoebell.jpg
Slikica od moje 5 mesečne Zoebell:)
border collie black white.jpg
whippet creme.jpg
Sending some photos of my boys :)
whippet white brown.jpg
french bulldog white.jpg
Thank you so much for this lovely Tag. I love it.
siberian husky nanook.jpg
Nanook is very proud of her tag. I have already referred your company to two friends who want one for their pets!!
Thanks so much. We luv it!!
border collie orange.jpg
Haben die Marke schon länger.Foto bisher immer vergessen.
Danke von Joy
jack russel sighthound.jpg
My lovely misses love their tags, thank you!
schnauzers dalton diego.jpg
Thank for the tags!! Perfect. Dalton to the left and Diego to the right.
Lena (Sweden)
chowchow XAYA..jpg
XAYA vom Sittardsberg

wir haben 5 Chow-Chow Hundemarken gekauft und sind sehr zufrieden, haben auch viele unserer Freunde auf Ihre Hunde-Marken hingewiesen.

Honiland Zippo

XAYA vom Sittardsberg

Honiland Smiley

Viele Grüße aus Duisburg
chowchow smile.jpg
Honiland Smiley
chowchow honiland_zippo.jpg
Honiland Zippo
schnauzer hampus.jpg
Hi,I'm Hampus from Finland
border collie lua.jpg
jack russel rocco.jpg
Please find attached the photos of oue dogs with their beautiful tags.
Rocco (jack russel)
Lua (border collie)
From Argentina.
They look awesone.
Thank you so much!
sieirian husky nikita.jpg
Evo poslala sem vam slikco Nikite z vašim obeskom
french bulldog black eyed.jpg
Perfect match! We're obsessed, thank you.
pekignese pixi.jpg
Kuža Pixi iz Ankarana z vašim obeskom.
Lp, Damir
german shepherd nea.jpg
Naša Nea z novim obeskom. Hvala MjavHov!
sheltie sable lana.jpg
My sable Lana
sheltie blue merle.jpg
Medagliette arrivate sono stupende!! Grazie mille! My biblue girl
newfoundland custom.jpg
schnauzer black silver bolo.jpg
Naš Bolo z novim obeskom.
rhodesian ridgeback.jpg
papillon brown-white.jpg
Thank you so much, hereby a picture of my dog J
Best wishes from Norway,
chinese chrested 1.jpg
He loves his new tag
Best regards andy
papillon eddy.jpg
Eddy :)
ERA :)
great dane missy.jpg
This is missy (Great Dane) at 15weeks old modelling her new tag
cocker spaniel missy.jpg
Zum 6. Geburtstag bekam unsere Missi von ihrer Züchterin, Frau Auerswald, eine schöne, gravierte Hundemarke aus Ihrem Shop geschenkt. Dafür möchten wir uns nicht nur bei Frau Auerswald, sondern auch bei Ihnen recht herzlich bedanken.
Liebe Grüße von Elke und Rudolf aus Oberfranken/Deutschland
bone silver asta.jpg
Prejela sem obesek za našo Astro in vam v prilogi pošiljam par fotografij.
Lp Mateja
boxer iby.jpg
Naš kuža Iby
sheltie lassie.jpg
We hebben de penning zojuist ontvangen. Wat is deze mooi!!! We zijn er erg blij mee. Ik stuur hierbij de foto van onze hond... Bedankt voor de goede en snelle service!
Een fijne dag gewenst!
Met vriendelijke groet Marysia
sighthound lina.jpg
Lina z novo ovratnico in obeskom
french bulldog black panama.jpg
He loves it! It`s very very cute! Regards from Panama :).
husky black.jpg
Thank you for the collar
sheperd black maks.jpg

Maksova fotografija
Pošiljam vam obljubljeno fotografijo.
Lep pozdrav Silva
airedale terrier alfie.jpg
ALFIE (before-after)


Have a nice day - Lep Dan :-)

norwich terrier bande.jpg
wie auf der Ausstellung in Offenburg abgesprochen übersende ich Ihnen ein paar Bilder.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Adolf & Birgit mit der Norwichbande
aussie bonnie.jpg
Hier ein Bild von Bonny mit hunde Marke.
aussie blue1.jpg
Thank you so much!
bichon frise surprise.jpg
Thank you so much for the pet tag. I received it last week and attach a photo of my Bichon Frise `Surprise` wearing it. I love it!


Lorraine and `The Surprise`
rhodesian ridgeback 1.jpg
foxterrier dillon.jpg
Dillon the Wire Fox Terrier loves his new pet tag! ..... Thankyou
chihuahua cocker es.jpg
Muchas gracias!! Nos han encantado las chapitas, son chulísimas!! Y el servicio maravilloso pues nos llegaron rapidísimo!!
dalmatian zack.jpg
Hi thank you so much here's Zack with his tag
amstaff red bone.jpg
najlepša hvala za poslan obesek. Naš kuža Aron je zelo vesel obeska in lepo se mu poda. V priponki vam pošiljam slikco našega kužka Arona z vašim obeskom MjavHov. :)
Lepo vas pozdravljam,
cavalier king charles duffy.jpg
great dane merle dolcie.jpg
Thank you so much for Dolcie's tag, I have attached a photo for you to see it on her :)
Fantastic service and help from you, I will be back again! :D I have recommended you to all my friends to buy from you!
Kind regards
coton de tulear.jpg
Pozdravljeni. Tako pa ima tudi naša kotonka kotončkasti obesek. ;) Hvala. Lp, Ramona
great dane blue merle.jpg
pinscher mila.jpg
Vielen Dank für die schöne Marke. Mila hat sie heute zu ihrem zweiten Geburtstag bekommen!!
sheltie dk.jpg
Enclosed a photo of my dog with the pet tag.
best regards
french bulldog fawn.jpg
Loved the tag. If I can take a better pic I will send another one
pomeranian caspy.jpg
Vielen Dank für diese schöne Hundemarke, ich finde sie steht Caspy sehr gut
mucek killer rdeca tacka.jpg
Pošiljam slikico našega Kilerja z vašo tačko.

Lp Nataša
flatcoated retriever teddy.jpg
Pozdravljeni, pošiljam sličico našega Teddya.
Lep pozdrav, urša
alaskan malamute oto.jpg
maltese and spitz.jpg
I have attached a photo of both my dogs wearing your tags! The tags are great and we have received so many compliments; people always ask where I got the tags from! Thank you :)
border collies.jpg
Bien reçu les médailles . Elles sont très bien! Voilà une photo de mes 2 chiens , Border collie de 2 ans.Je n'ai pas de photo de la chienne de mon amie( Border aussi mais rousse ) Merci
border collie charlie3.jpg
bone pink bella.jpg
Pošiljam vam fotko naše Belle z Mjavhov obeskom.
border collie red fly.jpg
Vielen Dank für den schönen Anhänger für meinen Border Collie Welpen Fly
dackel brodie.jpg
Your dog tag ID's are awesome. They look great on my boys. Thanks for your great product!
schnauzer velcro.jpg
chihuahua odette.jpg
die Hundemarken sind schon heute angekommen und ich habe gleich ein paar Fotos von Odette gemacht,
Viele Grüße
Claudia & Odette
english bulldog cooper.jpg
labrador retriever bas.jpg
We have received the dog ID today.
As attached we send you a picture of Bas with the dogID.
Best wishes for 2017 & regards,
newfoundland bess2.jpg
newfoundland bess.jpg
Here is Bess, a grey Newfoundland born in Helsinki, proudly wearing her identification tag and also a picture of her by our Christmas tree. Our previous grey Newf was born in Slovenia at Ursinus Velutus kennel.
Best wishes for a very happy holiday.
Joan and Bess
siberian husky slip.jpg
Evo pošiljam vam še slikco haskija z vašim izdelkom...
pinscher samson.jpg
Tag is so nice and looks just like our Samson. Came very quick too. Thank you!!!!
bichon frise dk.jpg
Nice to meet you in Kassel. Here are as promised a photo of four of my dogs wearing their name tags.
My oldest dog is missing - she was hiding somewhere :-)

Yours, Inge
sheltie tricolour angel.jpg
I got it. Thank you!
Here a picture of my Angel.
westie 2016.jpg
obesek je darilo za zelo lepega haskija, se bom potrudila za sliko v najkrajšem času :-)
do takrat vam pa pošiljam sliko mojega junaka prav tako z vašim izdelkom :-) :-)
dachshund brown.jpg
Merci beaucoup, très belle médaille !
spitz brown.jpg
Magnifique médaille pour mon spitz merci
australian shepherd milo.jpg

Vielen Dank für die schöne Hundemarke

Nordynne mit Milo
french bulldog it.jpg
Grazie bellissima!
mops my-rosa-jackson.jpg
Thanks for the delivery of dog tags. They are beautyfull.
Attached pictures of our 3 pugs My, Rosa and Jackson.
Best Regards
mops my-rosa-jackson2.jpg
mops my-rosa-jackson3.jpg
white paw pet tag karo.jpg
hvala za že nekaj časa nazaj poslani obesek. Malce z zamudo prilagam fotografijo.
Uspešno poslovanje še naprej!
Meta in Karo
collie artu.jpg
Grazie da Artù
collie leon.jpg
Grazie da Leon!
german shephed black magnus.jpg
Comme promis,voici la photo de Magnus,demi frère de Jaguar,avec sa nouvelle médaille!merci beaucoup
sighhound lily.jpg
I received it for my Lily, thank you from France, she have the look for his first show this sunday.
her real name : Lilwen Leroy d' Aleksandrovsh
Toby z obeskom :-)
german shepherd lia.jpg
to pa je naša igriva Nemška ovčarka LIA!
beagle louis poland.jpg
Greetings from Poland:)
siberian husky buck.jpg
Bellissima medaglietta, perfetta per Buck. Complimenti per il vostro servizio (spedizione e comunicazione), è stato ottimo.
white shepherd neli.jpg
Hvala za hitro dostavo ter lep obesek!

Menimo da naši kosmatinki zelo lepo pristaja. V prilogi Vam pošiljam dve fotografiji naše Neli z novo pridobitvijo okoli vratu :).

Lep pozdrav,
bone pink lilly.jpg
Pozdravljeni! Pošiljam slikico naše princeske LiLy
white shepherd vicky.jpg

v prilogi vam pošiljam fotografijo psičke z obeskom.

Lp, Sara
cairn terrier red.jpg
Thank you for your great service, i am very pleased with the dog tag.
Kind regards Andrea
tibetan terrier ioury.jpg
Hi, I'm Ioury tibetan terrier.
Thank you for the quick dispatch of my medal engraved and sent to Belgium after the European dog show in Brussels.
thank you
sighhound black white paw bono.jpg
Že uporabljamo
Bono zadovoljen
bernese khali.jpg
Najlepša hvala za obesek! V prilogi vam pošiljam slikico ;)

Lep pozdrav
Andreja in Khali
dobermann magnus.jpg
We got the tag and we love it! Thank you!
beagle buzz2.jpg
Stigao novi privjesak. Hvala!
Pozdrav od Ive i Buzza!
bullterrier tor.jpg
Este es mi perro Bull-Terrier, su nombre es TOR de la Ciudad de México con su placa.
Saludos. Gracias
schnauzer happy.jpg
Dobila sem obesek! Super!
Pošiljam vam tudi slikico.

Hvala in lep pozdrav!
chihuahua stella2.jpg
So cute and love it!!
anbei das Foto von meinen Boxern. Deborah, Eloy und Hanami vom Dillbergblick
Herzliche Grüße
chihuahua stella.jpg
A killer tag!! Love it. Thank you;)
pug francis.jpg
Great service and quality! The product was delivered extremely quickly.
great dane merle.jpg
Love it!!
mops zeus.jpg
poslala sem vam sliko od Zeusa, ki je z obeskom zelooo zadovoljen... Star pa bo 25.8. tri mesece.
Lp. Neli
doberman asko.jpg
Asko z lepo ogrlico
dobermann cooper.jpg
With kind regards/ Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
labrador retriever ora and ars.jpg
hvala za obeska. Pošiljam sliko Ore in Arsa
Lp Sara
american akita molly.jpg
Oke, I will make a Photo
Mfg Veronika
golden retriever enja.jpg
Nasa kužika Enja z vašim obeskom.
lp, Irena in Enja
white shepherd sky.jpg
Moja Sky z novim obeskom! Hvala vam <3
Identična kot na obesku
australian shepherd blue merle ela.jpg
Ela je super cute z vašim obeskom
american staffordshire terrier skinny.jpg
Obesek je res fenomenalen, zato se Vam z Skinny zahvaljujema iz srca!
Spodaj pa Vam prilagam sliko moje lepotičke z novim modnim dodatkom
labrador retriever brown jack.jpg
Pošiljam vam sliko našega Jacka z novim obeskom!
bearded collie grey white austria.jpg
pet id tag bone kay.jpg
Evo še naša zverina "the king " KAY ponosno hodi naokrog.
penning french bulldog zoe.jpg
Onze Zoë met haar nieuwe penning
pet id tag cavalier king charles oscar.jpg
Malemu Oscarju obesek čudovito pristaja!
bearded collie grey white.jpg
anbei das erste Bild! Bei den Erwachsenen Bearded Collies müssen wir noch schauen, wie wir das mit dem Bild hinbekommen, da diese so langes Fell haben, dass man die Hundemarke nicht sieht ;0)
liebe Grüße
beagle dexter.jpg
Thank you so much! We have received the tag today and looks really nice on dexter.
paw red vito.jpg
Vito ponosno nosi rdečo tačko :)
Hvala MjavHov.
karst shepherd naska.jpg
Pošiljam sliko od ponosne lastnice Naške, vašega prelepega obeska.
Lepo pozdravljeni,
sighthound black nera.jpg
fotka Nere z značko
Lep pozdrav
boxer white.jpg
Kot obljubljeno, vam pošiljam še slike.
Lep pozdrav,
boxer fawn kapone.jpg
Hallo! 1 Stunde probierten wir fotografieren....besser gehts nicht...Kapone ist nur 8 Wochen alt...
shepherd with white bone rexi.jpg
Rexi obožuje svojo novo kost.
german boxer roxette.jpg
evo slike jedne od mojih kujica, narucio sam od Vas privezak ako se secate, Ivan iz Nisa...
shetland sheepdog sheltie sable.jpg
Unsere Tammy mit ihrem Anhänger in zobel-weiss!
great dane merle mjoelner.jpg
Hi! This is "Mjölner", 9 weeks old. Thank you so much for the lovely pet-tag!
border collie charlie.jpg
cairn terrier.jpg
Bonjour, j'ai bien reçu les médailles.
Merci elles sont superbes ! !!!!!
Voici les premières photos du cairn, les autres du cavalier king charles viendront plus tard car il est en vacances chez mes parents.
rottweiler tar.jpg
Lp Robert
dalmatiner kyra.jpg
german shepherd simona.jpg
it is so cute pet tag, I love it !!!
rottweiler kowo.jpg
Kowo Rottweiler
cavalier king charles spaniel aiche.jpg
Pozdravljeni, posiljam vam sliko moje Aiche, s svojo novo rdečo kostjo, ki jo je dobila za nagrado in lep spomin na vzrejni pregled na barju
airedale terrier lir.jpg
Airedalski terier LIR
border collie perro.jpg
Aquí mi amigo Perro con su nueva chapa.
schnauzer kira.jpg
Aquí mi amiga Kira con su nueva chapa. Perro y Kira os dan las gracias.
Un saludo gracias.
chihuahua teddy.jpg
This is Teddy with his new ID tag.
aireadle buddy1.jpg
We just got Buddy's Medal, very nice!
As promised, here are some picture I just made they are not very good because Buddy is only eight months and an Airdale Terrier is not the kind of dog who can wait or pose for a shooting session! LOL
Thanks, the medal is really very nice!
Kindest regards,
aireadle buddy2.jpg
berner sennenhund2.jpg
mops leo.jpg
S ponosom vam pošiljam fotografijo našega psa z vašim obeskom.
Lp Boštjan
french bulldog brown 2.jpg
Here are some frenchie-Photos
chinese crested dog.jpg
Alles angekommen, Danke für die rasche Lieferung, da sind meine 2 Chinesen, 11 Jahre und 1 Jahr
lG Johanna
french bulldog rocco.jpg
Rocco is very happy with his name tag!
Thank you
Regards Michela
french bulldog black eye.jpg
Here is a picture of her tag!
caniche pudel pika.jpg
Najlepsa hvala na obesku in profesionalnoj storitvi!
Pikin obesek je prekrasen in zgleda res kot naš pudelj Pika!!!
Lep pozdrav,
airedale terrier enrico.jpg
Liebes Team, vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung. Die Hundemarke sieht toll aus. Liebe Grüße G.Schipper & Enrico
siberian husky ayk.jpg
Lep pozdrav, to je naš AYK sibirski haski in ima vaš lepi obesek.
pozdrav lili
paw blue nal.jpg
Malo z zamudo pošiljam 2 slikci mojega kosmatinca z novim obeskom:) Katero boste objavili pa izberite kar sami.
Lp, Mateja
west highland white terrier sofus.jpg
cavalier king charles spaniel balu.jpg
die Hundemarke ist heute bei uns angekommen sieht sehr schön aus.
Vielen Dank dafür und Von Balu auch. Liebe Grüße Kati.
Anbei ein Foto von Balu
mops fawn.jpg
beagle ava eva 2.jpg
beagle ava eva 1.jpg
comme promis, voici les photos de mes 2 beagles, Ava et Eva avec leurs jolies médailles !
Merci encore !
Bonne journée
west highland white terrier da.jpg
Hier is westie Sille with her new nametag
thank you very much
best regards Mette and Sille
beagle armagny.jpg
dalmatiner elvis.jpg
Vielen Dank für den schönen Anhänger
Liebe Grüße
airedale terrier slo.jpg
red bone lola.jpg
Naša Lola z vašim obeskom
Zelo zadovoljni. Hvala
japan spitz.jpg
slikca- japonski špic
beagle willow.jpg
WILLOW with her new tag
american staffordshire terrier lia.jpg
hvala za hitro izdelavo in pošiljanje, obesek je res lep;)
V priponki je še fotografija moje psičke Lie.

bearded collie misa.jpg
danes smo z navdušenjem prejeli vaš paket, za kar se vam najlepše zahvaljujem. Miša je že pozirala in v priponki vam pošiljam rezultat.
boston terier aria.jpg
Še Aria
paw zoe.jpg
Obljubljeno pošiljam naši srčici z vašimi obeski Zoe s tačko in Aria s svojo pasemsko slikco bostonko
pinscher dwarg.jpg
Dvärgpinscher Valpar
Med vänlig hälsning Jonas
Kennel Xélanc
terrier bijou.jpg
Hallo, hier ein Foto von Bijou mit der tollen neuen Hundemarke.
great dane2.jpg
great dane1.jpg
Merry Christmas, Vera!
From Gampler and Ibbie
Guten Tag
Es hat super geklappt. Danke vielemals
Anbei ein Bild von unseren Hunden (Beagles of Eiger Marmots)
Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes 2016!
Freundliche Grüsse
dalmatian brown.jpg
Choko our chocolate brown Dalmatian and us, his family, are very happy to find such a nice pet tag with a brown Dalmatian
Lone, Denmark
welsh terrier sammie.jpg
thank you for the tag, it is beautifull. herewith some photos, although it is not an airdale terrier, it is a Welsh terrier. the tag look very nice on his collar.
I am very happy with it.
best regards,
teckel poil dur sophie.jpg
Pet tag Sophie from Belgium
shih tzu suzie.jpg
The Dog has a harness not a collar this is the best I can do.
irish setter Sh Ch Fairhaven Louise Mountbatten.jpg
Many thanks for the delivery, arrived safe and sound Saturday.
Attached is a couple of pictures of the bitch we are actively showing and we have her puppy offspring just about to start her career.
Many thanks again for your help.
Kind Regards
Irish Setter Club of Scotland
airedale terrier olivia.jpg
Olivia with her new pet tag
rottweilers denmark.jpg
Here is Kakestto's Ibbie and Gampler from Denmark!!
yorkshire terrier bolt.jpg
V priponki vam pošiljam sliko mojega Bolta z vašim obeskom
berger australien laska.jpg
Voici une photo de Laska, jeune chienne berger australien de 6 mois
Najlepša hvala za obesek in moram priznati, da je zelo lep. Zdaj bo naš Yogi brezkrbno spušcen na polju, gozdovih in v hribih. Prilagam nekaj slik iz današnje uživancije v hribih
Lep pozdrav,
boston terriers deutschland 2.jpg
vielen lieben Dank. Die Hundemarken sind angekommen und wie immer - wunderschön.
Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland
airedale rufus.jpg
Here's Rufus wearing his new tag.....many thanks, they are great!
rottweiler foon.jpg
My dog with his new dogtag
His name is: Ricco vom Dornenhoff but we call him: Foon
berger blanc suisse heywa.jpg
Photo de mon berger blanc avec sa médaille
french bulldog bw loiue.jpg
I got the tag today. So adorable! i am so glad i found it here. I will send you a picture....
australian shepherd blue merle nl.jpg
Zo, da's gaaf: pet tags (penningen voor aan de halsband met op de achterkant de gegevens van je hond gelaserd) van MjavHov.
Zo besteld via, supersnel vanuit Slovenië met de postbode naar Nederland en keus uit heel veel rassen en kleuren.
schnauzer black.jpg
hallo liebes Mjavhov Team die Hundemarken sind alle drei spitze.
Ich hätte schon mal ein hübschen Bild von meinem Hund wo man die Hundemarke gut sehen kann. Bei denn anderen beiden Hunden muss ich noch der perfekten Moment abwarten wenn sie verstehen
Hi, hereby one of my Corgis with the locket. This is Kiira. Doesn't she look pretty with her locket?
Best regards,
The Netherlands
samojede denmark.jpg
Sending a photo of Abel wearing his new dog tag from MjavHov. Thank you so much for great service and speedy shipping!
Greetings Veronica
alaskan malamute Hanningan.jpg
schnauzer lottie.jpg
Lottie our lovely standard Schnauzer with new collar tag
west highland white terrier benji.jpg
Pawsome ID tag has arrived!
boston terrier claude.jpg
I loved the Boston Terrier Tag and my friends love it too. I have included a picture of Claude the Boston Terrier wearing his special tag! He's 19 weeks on Sunday
westie uk mail.jpg
sighhound black white.jpg
Buongiorno, ho appena ricevuto il portachiavi, è bellissimo! Grazie! Foto allegata
dachshund elvis.jpg
Hi i got the dog penning. And i am realy happy with it. So is Elvis. When i have the money i Will order another one For the dog of my daughter.
Met vriendelijke groet
russel terrier mix balu.jpg
herzlichen Dank für die schöne Hundemarke mit Gravur. Balu unser Jack Russell Terrier Mix ist ganz stolz!
Ganz liebe Grüße aus Ibbenbüren/Deutschland
white shepherd lady.jpg
whippet abel.jpg
Sending a photo of Abel wearing his new dog tag from MjavHov. Thank you so much for great service and speedy shipping!
chihuahua lady.jpg
obesek je čudovit in super pristaja naši Lady. V dokaz prilagam slikico
Lep pozdrav,
boston wishky.jpg
schnauzer black2tarot.jpg
hallo vielen dank für die gravierte hundemarke. sie ist super !anbei sende ich ihnen eiun bild von tarot und möchte mich ganz herzlich für ihr engegenkommen bedanken. mit freundlichen grüssen a.
beagle wendy.jpg
Naša Wendy z MjavHov obeskom.
cavalier king charles spaniel lovro.jpg

The Lovro - blogger
Ste opazili obesek na moji ovratnici?
Hvala, MjavHov!!!
Več o tem kmalu ...
schnauzer schwarz tarot.jpg
vielen nochmals dank für ihr entgegenkommen. anbei das gewünschte foto von tarot.
mit freundlichen grüssen a.
boston terrier  brown cico.jpg
Zaspani Čičo, ki je moral "navsezgodaj" na pošto po svoj obesek :)
white paw pia.jpg
Pozdravljeni, pošiljam slikce naše Ite, ki že ponosno kaže nov obesek :). Še enkrat hvala in lp, Pia.
Prejela sem obesek, zelo mi je všeè, prav tako tudi moji Miši.
V priponki vam pošiljam nekaj njenih slik s svojim novim lepim obeskom,
lep pozdrav
welsh corgi-2.jpg
welsh corgi-3.jpg
welsh corgi-1.jpg
Here are my 3 girls with their tags from you and corgi collars I made
german shephed black migo.jpg
Migo is very happy that has so beautiful dog tag
Thank You!
bernska plansarka quishana.jpg
Naša pozerka za MJAVHOV
Quishana ponosno nosi vaš obesek že 2 leti in pol
schnauzer pepper salt.jpg
Von unterwegs gesendet.
Herzliche Grüße
cocker spaniel joe.jpg
Joe says thanks too!
boston terrier brown monty.jpg
Monty loves his new ID tag, thanks so much xxx
cavalier king charles spaniels.jpg
Thanks for the ID tags as requested I`ve sent a picture although very hard for them to sit still
mops black eddy.jpg
Gestern kam der Anhänger. Vielen dank. Haben ihn an einem Karabiner, weil wir so viele Geschirre haben. So können wir immer schnell wechseln. Liebe grüße
australian shepherd blue merle scout.jpg
A picture of my beloved pooch Scout and his beautiful tag.
obesek za kuzka oranzna kost maj .jpg
obesek za kuzka modra kost maj.jpg
Če slučajno se izgubim, ko svoj frizbi ulovim, pomaga mi obesek ta. Pri mjavhov ga hitro v vseh barvah naročim, da domači moji ne iščejo me naokoli.
Z lepimi pozdravčki in hov hovom
Sabina in MAJ
dachshound jack.jpg
french bulldog leucky.jpg
Voici une petite photo de Leucky avec sa médaille :-)
Meilleures salutations
Mme Goy
labrador retriever miik.jpg
pošiljam vam 2 fotografiji mojega Miika z novim obeskom
Lep pozdrav in še lepši dan vam želim
labrador retriever miik2.jpg
daschund sem.jpg
Sem with his penning, he thinks he looks too cool

Of Woolly Rocks Australian Shepherds ©
labrador retriever sky.jpg
Hvala za ekspresno dostavo!

lp Peter
chihuahua mala lu.jpg
v priponki vam pošiljam sliko od Lu z ID obeskom. Zelo nama je všeč.
Hvala in lep pozdrav.
french bulldog wishcky.jpg
Bonjour voila j'ai reçu la commande identification de Wishcky merci beaucoup
bonne journée
Guten Tag
Hier sende ich euch ein Foto von Lines, er ist eine Französische Bulldogge 7 1/2 Monate.
Freundlich Grüsse
Pozdravljeni, pošiljam vam sliko najstnika Joeya. Je pravi važič z novo ovratnico in ujemajočim obeskom. Vse je super, bova pa zelo vesela če boste v prihodnosti dobili še kak dodaten motiv za "zmešance" - poleg kosti in šap. Lep pozdrav,

Thank you very much for the quick delivery of the collartag and keyring of a jack russell. They are beautyful.
A picture of my dogs Tinka and her daugher Zoë with the tag are included.

With kind regards, Marijke
the Netherlands
Pozdravljeni! Posiljam vam nasega Joya z obeskom MJAVHOV :-)
LP, Sandi
deutscher schaferhund kyrah.jpg
Picture of Kyrah.
Thanks for the sending!

boston terrier jinger.jpg
Jinger 5 mois avec sa jolie médaille
flatcoated retriever cayenne.jpg
Thank you so much for the lovely Paw Pet Tag! Superfast shipping and excellent treatment.
Attached a photo of Cayenne.
Best regards
Lena and Kent
Kennel Capercalze
here is the picture of our miniature-schnauzer Remus with his new dog tag.

Thanks from germany
Here are twin 20 month old brother and sister American Eskimos. In order, Blizzard and Summer.
They love their new bling
I could not get Ocean in the picture with them but you already have a separate one with her.
Thank you again and all the best, Patrice
great dane novablu.jpg
Thank you for the great tags!
NovaBlu -Great Dane from Colorado
border collie ocean.jpg
Here is my Border Collie Ocean wearing her new bling.
All the best, Patrice
Picture of my dog Max with ID-tag
bordercollie tosca.jpg
Received the product, thank you!!
Here you are! Her name is Tosca.
great danes.jpg
I have one off yours already and it lovely thank you;
ordering two more for Sasha and Antasasia.
great dane merle cayenne kasjmier2.jpg
great dane fillou.jpg
great dane merle cayenne kasjmier.jpg
great dane esperanza.jpg
Bij deze om te zeggen dat we de pet tags heel leuk vinden, hier enkele foto’s Met vriendelijke groeten,
Winstons Place Duitse Doggen, BELGIË
bela tacka mjavhov gaya.jpg
Pozdravljeni! Z mojo psičko se Vam res iz srca zahvaljujeva za obesek in seveda pošiljava slikico. LP
spitz litter.jpg
Our puppies just born eight (8) days ago, been very busy with them.
Yours Friendly,
Riitta and the puppies
Kennel Nostokorva, Finland
french bulldog Teo.jpg
Lep pozdrav

Malo kasneje, ampak kot dogovorjeno pošiljamo slikce.
Upam, da pridejo kaj prav. :)
Lep večer, Suzana
beagle spank.jpg
Medaglietta bellissima...ho inviato in allegato una foto con il cane e la sua medaglietta.
pet tag paw happy.jpg
pošiljam slike naše razigrane psičke Happy z obeskom. :)
Lp, Katarina
cocker falco.jpg
Et merci, déja reçu je suis surprise de la rapidité, je vais vous commander une autre dans les prochains jours pour mon second mâle noir Jeidi smile emoticon
Ci-jont la photo de mon premier mâle Falco smile emoticon
chihuahua cloe.jpg
Medaglietta arrivata!!!

schnauzer black silver.jpg
Voila Merci beaucoup
chihuahua dimo.jpg
Der Anhänger ist heute gekommen. Sehr schön.
Wir sind zufrieden. Hier ist ein Foto von Dimo mit Anhänger.
Viele Grüße Wolfgang
airedale terrier.jpg
hier ist ein Foto von unserem Hund mit Hundeanhänger.
Viele Grüße
boxer charlie.jpg
Hi, here is a photo of our dogs & tags. Thank you for sending them so quickly, they look fantastic! I have just shared the photo on my Boxer Facebook group so hopefully you`ll get a few more orders :)
Many thanks
boxer roxy.jpg
pastore tedesco olf.jpg
Dober dan, tisto je moj Olf s obeskom. Zelo lepo. Hvala.
Lep pozdrav.
airedale mitch.jpg
I received the Airedale tag this morning. It's wonderful and so worth the wait!
Mitch loves his new tag and it looks wonderful on his feather collar.
Thank you so very much!
Juhu, hvala za značko! Joey je zelo ponosen.

Sem pa zelo vesela, da imamo v Slo kake malo bolj moderne značke. Tečajnik Hugo iz pasje šole mi vas je priporočil. Res super.
Lep pozdrav! Živa
black shepherd jaguar.jpg
Hello, comme promis voici la photo de Jaguar des Volcans d'Ares avec sa nouvelle médaille. Pas facile de capter l'image avec ce petit nerveux!!!
Cordialement, Frédéric
french bulldog Bobby x.jpg
Bobby x
boston terrier boston xx.jpg
Boston xx
boston mops french bulldog Bailey Boston Bobby.jpg
here is Bailey, Boston and Bobby modelling their amazing tags.
Thanks so much! We love them!
border collie jake.jpg
here you have a picture of our Border Collie "Jake" together with his sweet Dog-Tag.
Thank you for all!
husky b.jpg
Danes prevzeli paket. Obesek je čudovit. Prilagam še sliko zadovoljnega uporabnika.
Lep pozdrav, Netti
irish setter hugo.jpg
Lep pozdrav...prelepi setri, a ne?!
siberian husky radmila.jpgRosja
Высылаю фотографию с собакой.
Все хорошо!
australian shepherd tricolour.jpg
australian shepherd blue merle.jpg
australian shepherd red.jpg
Now I got the other 3 wonderful tags for my Mini Aussies
Peanut Candy and Buddy thanks you also
Best regards from Switzerland
australian shepherd ipe.jpg
Ci-joint une photo de ma chienne avec sa médaille
setter ginger.jpg
boston terrier2.jpg
cavalier svetlana.jpg
one of my boys with your tag
sighhound heli.jpg
I received the tag today, and it is perfect, I'm really satisfied.
cavalier paws.jpg
Ich wollte mich noch für diese tollen Hundemarken bedanken.
shih tsu Heydpark.jpg
chinese crested eligible.jpg
Thank to you, it's perfect
border colle penguin.jpg
here is our son with his dog, Penguin!
thank you, we love it!
best, Margot
Thank you so much for this really nice original id tag.
Like you can see my mini australian shepherd Pinu'u like it also. :)
With best regards from Switzerland
australian shepherds hayden hopkins.jpg
Received the tags today;LOVE THEM
The look just like Our Blue Merle (Hayden) and her Black Tri daughter (Hopkins)
Even the eyecolour matches :)

Have a nice day,

cavalier king charles ilton.jpg
cavalier king charles gyver.jpg
Merci pour les médailles qui sont bien arrivées.
Voici les photos des chiens avec
Salutations Françaises
cavalier lady.jpg
Evo obesek z imenom!!
cavalierji zorro bonno happy dorrian4.jpg
cavalierji zorro bonno happy dorrian3.jpg
cavalierji zorro bonno happy dorrian2.jpg
cavalierji zorro bonno happy dorrian1.jpg
obeske danes dobila.
najlepša hvala
super so
sighthounds ebba ettan raksu.jpg
We received the nametags today and girls are really happy to have them! Many thanks from Ebba, Ettan and Raksu.
cavalier king charles spaniel ona.jpg
This is Ona my sweet Cavalier and her new pet tag !!!

Merry christmas
Hier ist ein Bild von meinen Mädels!

liebe Gräße
Hier ist ein Bild von meinen Mädels!

liebe Gräße
boston terriers cookie lizzy.jpg
Vielen lieben Dank für die schnelle Lieferung. Die Anhänger sind toll.
Viele Grüße
Silke Pfeiff
poodle ajsa.jpg
pošiljam še sliko kužka z obeskom. Lepo se imejte, Urška
siberian husky maya.jpg
Hi Photo as promised.
alaskan malamute indy.jpg
primila sam Vaš privjesak, prekrasan je :)
Hvala i srdačan pozdrav! Katarina
cavalier king charles scooby.jpg
avstralian shepherd nuba.jpg
Pošiljam vam sliko moje Avstralske ovčarke z novim obeskom!
Res je nekaj posebnega, hvala!
australian shepherd finn.jpg
Thank you so much! The engraving was perfect and we love how unique this tag is. Can't find this anywhere in Canada!
I've attached a photo of Finn and his new tag. Thank you! Sarah

...kakor sem obljubila, pošiljam slike mojega Oggyja z vašim obeskom.
Lepo pozdravljeni
newfoundland balou.jpg
Voici donc mon « chiot » avec sa nouvelle médaille !!!
nala z obeskom.jpg
Psički je ime Nala in je stara 5 mesecev!
newfoundland  xanadoo.jpg
Anbei schicke ich ein Bild von meinem hund mit dem bei Ihnen bestellten Anhänger.
hundemarke filou.jpg
Danke für die tolle Marke
mops minouche.jpg
Voici une photo de mon chien !
Medaille magnifique,
merci beaucoup !
sighthound whippet.jpg
It's lovely, thank you ever so much.
labrador retriever tyson.jpg
Tayson z novim obeskom.
border collie amaretto.jpg
posredujem vam slikico našega navihančka J
flatcoated retriever aris.jpg
V prilogi vam pošiljam sliko našega ARISA, lp Jože
beagle buzz.jpg
Šaljem Vam sliku našeg Buzza s vašim beagle privjeskom. Oduševljeni smo privjeskom i svima se svidja, hvala!
Lijep pozdrav, Iva.
great dane kiva.jpg
Kivas tag arrived today. Another beautiful one, thank you.
chinese crested jovi.jpg
Here's a photo of my little Crested, wearing his new tag. It's still a little big for him, since he's only 3 months old, but he'll grow into it :-)
thank you! Love it!
boston terrier banjo.jpg
Banjo - Harpenden's Gentleman with his lovely id tag.
rottweiler huxley2.jpg
Huxley Bear of Harpenden smile this morning!
Many thanks they're really cool tags!
rottweiler huxley.jpg
Huxley's new tag arrived - Monkey has given it a 5 banana rating
boston terrier ollie.jpg
Ollie with his new tag
boston terrier gus.jpg
Here is Gus wearing his new tag....
boston lexi.jpg
Hi, love the tag. Attached is a photo of my boston terrier with her tag on.
french bulldog brown.jpg
sighthound greta.jpg
Najlepša hvala za poslan obesek.
Pošiljam še fotko naše posvojenke Grete.
paw nala.jpg
border collie jessy.jpg
schaferhund aramis.jpg
Hier das erste Foto vom Schäfer.
pug bella.jpg
pug peggy.jpg
aireadale terrier luize.jpg
Süßigkeits-Overkill I don't know which of the two faces is sweeter ...
great dane braco.jpg
This is my boy Braco he is one year old.
pincher kiro.jpg
Vielen Dank für den Anhänger
Daisy looks great with her new fancy pendant.
cavalier charly.jpg
Lep hov hov od Charlie
siberian husky mika.jpg
hundemarke lex.jpg
Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung von meiner Hundemarke, sie sieht sehr gut aus, anbei schicke ich Ihnen noch ein Bild von meinem Hund mit seiner neuen Marke.
cavalier iana.jpg
cavalier diva.jpg
Encore merci pour les médailles, elles sont superbes

whippet marlene2.jpg
I thought you would like to see a photo of Marlene wearing her tag today in the bluebell woods
Best wishes
schnauzer kitty.jpg
quelques photos...
Bonne journèe.
Die Hundemarke ist toll.
Hier ein Foto meines Hundes Rocky.
white shepherd linda.jpg
Thank you so much for the beautiful dog tag. It's perfect!
We, and our dog Linda love it!
flat coated cola.jpg
Bitteschön. gruss fee
cavalier charly blenheim.jpg
Charly mit der Marke.
bulldog max.jpg
As promised a photo of Max wearing his personalised Bulldog dog tag.
border collie abbey.jpg
Abbey, my own breed border collie from 17 weeks, with her lovely tag! Thanks for sending it.
schnauzer lilo.jpg
Spät aber doch, schicke ich ihnen Foto von der schönen Hundemarke/Schnauzer !
chihuahua pini.jpg
labrador retriever brown.jpg
Bitte, ein Foto von Chili mit Anhänger
border collie Cap hangertje.jpg
Today I received the pet tag. It is beautiful! Here's a picture of my dog wearing it.
cavalier king charles spaniel 01.jpg
shih tzu 01.jpg
berger blanc suisse.jpg

Find more about Bela here
Thanks for the pet tag!! It's beautiful!!!!
Greetz Janny
whippet ruby.jpg
windhund tiffy.jpg
pekignese lila.jpg
pincher polly.jpg
great dane harlequin.jpg
The pettags are so cool!!!!!!
Thank you so much!!!
I send you a photo from Christy
Kindly regards,
alaskan malamute.jpg
chinese crested.jpg
berner sennenhund.jpg
border collie brown.jpg
Mia z novo ovratnico in obeskom